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2. Donald Edgar KILHEFNER was born on 20 Aug 1908 in Ashland, Ashland Co, OH. He left home to be a Truck Driver in 1924 on routes from Detroit to Ohio. He served in the military in Korea in 1944.(2) He died on 16 Jun 1993 of leukemia in Woodhaven, Wayne Co, MI and was buried in Our Lady of Hope Cemetary, Woodhaven, Wayne Co, MI. He married Cathrine Mary CRABTREE in Sep 1936 in Wierton, Hancock Co, WV, but the county clerk stole the filing fees and never recorded the marriage. (3) They had to obtain another marriage license years later after this was discovered and had marriage banns published on 21 Nov 1958 in St. Gabriel Catholic Church paper, Detroit, MI (after their son was 10 years old!). Cathrine was very embarrassed by this even though it was not her fault.

3. Cathrine Mary CRABTREE(4) was born on 24 Jun 1914 in Danforth, Maine. She appeared on the 1920 census on the Reid Plantation, Aroostook Co, Maine. She was christened on 22 Aug 1926 in St. James Church, Kingman, Maine.(5) She died on 12 Sep 1969 of ovarian cancer in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co, MI(6) and was buried in Our Lady of Hope Cemetary, Woodhaven, Wayne Co., MI. (7) Children were:

child1 i. George Patrick KILHEFNER.

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