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In Loving Memory of
George Patrick KILHEFNER

11 July 1948 - 21 May 1999

"Pat" was the only son of an only son, Donald Kilhefner. He adopted two sons of his first wife, but had no biological children of his own. He was named after his grandfather, George Crabtree, who was named after HIS grandfather, who served in the Civil War. Pat died doing what he loved the most - riding his Harley motorcycle. He was only 50 yrs. old. He will be forever in our hearts.

As his wife and an avid genealogist, I have worked on this genealogy for over 25 years. We visited cemetaries and poured through vital records together. We spent many an hour listening to the family stories his father would tell.

Now, as his widow, I dedicate this website to Pat and hope it may help others find ancestors in this family line.

Table of Contents

BulletGeorge Patrick KILHEFNER's Family Tree
BulletSurname List
BulletIndex of Names
BulletSources (Bibliography)

Favorite Genealogy Websites of Mine:

BulletCyndi's List (covers everything imaginable)
Bullet National Archives Genealogy Website

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