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My Short Stories

(And those not so short, too)

I have a favorite local band. They're Doublethink. Check out them AND their site, These guys are back, and it rocks. The new cd is phenomenal. Life is good again!

Check out my sister's site, Molly's Stories She has some really cute stories that she wrote herself, and just getting more hits makes her day. Most of the stories are actually pretty short, unlike some of mine, so you should go to her website, read a couple, and sign her guestbook. It could be your good deed for the day.

I like to write, but more, I like to hear that my writing is good. So read my stories here, taken from my experiences and amplified, and tell me what you think, especially if it's good, but even if it's not. I hope to write as a career, and any criticism is good criticism (I guess!)

My other sites

My AOL profile site This has a picture of me. And it's not half bad, surprisingly. However, the page was created simply to be a webpage, so it doesn't have much value. Unless you want to see what I look like, of course.

The first story I am putting up is His Was an Empty One. This is based on a friendship of mine, although be assured my friend didn't actually kill himself. It was simply based on his threats.

His Was An Empty One

Zuzu's Petals is a story that could be construed as my family and my mother, but I feel the need to tell everyone that my mother is only a fraction of a millionth of the mother in this story. Of course, my mom is convinced of the fact that any bad character in a story I write is based on her inadequecies. (Not true.)

Zuzu's Petals

Father is a little more like my dad than Zuzu's Petals is like my mom. You'll see that the character isn't as, well, out there as Aniza, from Zuzu's Petals was.

I finally finished it, and I thank you all with bearing with the wait. I know, I know, I'm lazy. I know.

As an assignment in my awful English class, we had to write something of our own that was satirical, like the lovely Jonathan Swift. I think it came out pretty good. And it's only a couple pages long!
A Truly Intelligent Society

Locks of Love does a wonderful thing for kids. They take donated hair and make it into wigs for children that don't have hair because of a medical condition. Did you know that it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 ten inch hair donations to make just one hairpiece? As soon as my hair is long enough so that I can cut 10 inches off comfortably, I plan on donating mine, but it's going to take a looonnggg time because I like my hair long. Selfish me. To find out more, go to the Locks of Love homepage.

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Last update: April 15, 2003