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ABOVE: Hair taken from ponytail clip extensions used to fill buns. Carried at most beauty supplies

ABOVE: Bun covers filled with ponytail hair


ABOVE: Synthetic weaving hair purchased from the Wig Factory, San Francisco (only $4.99 per pack) This was braided and shaped into a bun.


ABOVE: Kay_Dee's bun covers (purchased from Lady MacSnood's) filled with braided hair + the hand embroidered headband


ABOVE: Headband ribbon purchased from Britex, San Francisco. This same ribbon was used for the picnic costume in Star Wars Episode II. The sales person at Britex told me they simply joined two pieces of this ribbon together to make the headband (I used gold sulky metallic thread to sew my strips together). Unfortunately, Britex is sold out of this ribbon. The Ribbonerie carried this style in a darker shade of green, but they are also sold out. Neither store is able to reorder this ribbon from the original distributor in France because it has been discontinued.