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:: Last Updated= November 24, 2004 ::
Smashing Bros!

W elcome to my Nintendo Fan Art page.

Jedzelex is the name and I'm a veteran videogamer. How veteran? well I've only died more than a million deaths, fallen off uncounted cliffs (shows how good I am, eh?) and rescued several thousand princesses. I have traveled deep into outer space on board fancy space ships as well as far below the Earth's crust and all over the globe. I have roamed beyond the lands of fantasy searching for clues and missing items ranging from mystical magical orbs to ordinary bananas. I have driven everything from off-road monster trucks to turbo charged rocket cars. I have even ridden on top of multi-colored dinosaurs for crying out loud!!!

I have experienced all of that and lots more. And this is all possible thanks to Nintendo. The only videogame company in the world dedicated 100% to making such dreams come true. Credit is also due to the great companies that have supplied such an amazing collection of software to all of Nintendo game consoles.

On this here homepage you'll find a modest collection of ink drawings made by me and all of them are inspired by some of my favorite Nintendo videogames ( Super Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Perfect Dark, Star Wars, etc. ).

So please, make yourself at home (that's right, break the furniture!) and feel free to look around the joint.

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