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How might giving something like Reiki can make any changes in a persons body or attitudes? This isn't a very well understood question and, well, the answers tend to reduce to hand waving. And so it goes that the public at large finds it difficult to accept this technique when the medicine they are familiar with is able to explain itself so well, or so it seems. While western medicine is able to explain a lot of things and put up a dazzling array of words with precise meaning, in actuality the functioning of the body remains largely a mystery.

There should be some attempt at understanding how Reiki, and other methods of using Life Force Energy, works. Anybody who has spent much time with Reiki will have seen very interesting occurrences happening and experienced changes in their life. Perhaps it will have challenged their belief system, for it did mine, or it may have fit nicely with their already existing beliefs. While some say it is merely enough to accept what has happened without looking a gift horse in the mouth, many people (myself included) like to peek under the hood and see what's happening.

I've had information come to me through many avenues. Some has come through intuition or knowing that comes to me sometimes during healing sessions, or sometimes during meditations. Other information comes from classes, books, or attending lectures. No one piece had the whole puzzle, and there's parts that still puzzle me now. The picture is becoming clear, and striving to understand the mechanism itself is not the avenue to understanding the mechanism. Instead it seems the most useful path to understanding is that of clearing your connection with non-reality, or that which we see with our physical eyes, and of clearing issues from your life, so that you have less impinging on the connection with non-reality (the 3D world). As I've cleared these areas of my life greater knowing in all aspects has come to me, and I see now that this is what the spiritual writers talk about.

The first thing to discuss is the model for our experience of the world.

There is an overall energy field that is vast, wide, and encompasses all that is. This energy field is both vastly more complicated and vastly simpler than the physical world we see with our eyes, taste with our mouths, smell with our noses, hear with our ears, and touch with our skin. The energy field permeates all the physical things we see, and the physical things we see are sort of a condensation of the energy in this field. The term condensation is imprecise and incomplete, but is the best term I know.

That which we can sense with physical senses is limited. The organs have a specific range within which they operate, for instance the eyes operate in the light frequencies between red and violet, the ears between 20 and 20,000 Hz, and so forth. There is a wide range of possible vibrations of physical matter which our physical senses cannot perceive because it is outside the capability of our physical bodies. Science and Engineering have done wonders with extending the range of our sensing, but not matter how widely sensing of physical phenomenon is extended no proof of such an energy field is found. The energy of this energy field that permeates all that is is not physical (in the sense of being 3D, whatever that means) and cannot be directly sensed by any physical 3D instrument, biological or otherwise, given current understandings. The recent developments in Quantum and SuperString theories may lead to instruments capable of directly sensing the less condensed states of energy and thus directly measure these energy fields.

By condensed energy the picture in mind is something like a stalactite, the thing which hangs from the ceiling in a cave. The ceiling of the cave, in this analogy, is the highest vibrational level of this energy field, and the tip of this stalactite-shape is an object in the 3D physical reality we see with our eyes. For every object there is a continuum of energy states between the vibrational level of 3D physical objects and the vibrational level of the whole universe. The stalactite is this continuum, and at various places along this stalactite one is at different vibrational levels.

I believe this continuum is the same model as discussed by the theosophists (Helen Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, etc, as well as other writings such as Barbara Brennan's books) discussing the different bodies (physical, etheric, auric, mental, soul, etc). These authors claim there are discrete levels to this spread of vibrational states between 3D physical reality and oneness. What I have seen so far indicates there is a continuum, though I've noted some experiences implying there are discrete levels. In one of Barbara Brennan's books she describes watching the energy fields of those who were raised without knowledge of discrete energy bodies and, as the theory of discrete energy bodies is explained to them, watching their own energy field form into discrete energy bodies.

The level closest to the physical body is termed the etheric body. The purpose of the etheric body is to be a template from which the physical body is grown, and the etheric body holds both our personal most perfect form as well as the template for our current form. If one, for instance, breaks a bone then the break can be felt in the etheric body even after the physical bone has knitted back together, because the etheric body is remembering the break. It has been observed that the pains often times associated with old breaks in bones are resolved by working with the etheric body and retraining it to mesh more closely with the bones most perfect shape, to help the etheric body forget about the break. It is the memory of the break which seems to cause these old pains, and by releasing the memory of the break the pains can be no more.

This shows us something about the energy fields and the continuum of energy vibrational levels between the 3D physical world and oneness. Namely that what shows up in the physical world manifests in some way in the higher vibrational levels as well. It has been observed that some symptoms begin with processes in the higher vibrational levels eventually manifesting in the physical body as a disease or some other symptom. Other things, such as broken bones, begin with physical disturbance (the broken bone) which causes disturbance in the higher vibrational levels as well.

So then this way of creating healing, by applying Universal Life Force Energy, is to direct the energy that makes up the universe to the people, places or things where there is difference between the current form and the ideal form. For instance the ideal form of a bone is to be strong and whole, not broken and weak. The application of Life Force Energy then would tend to erase the broken and weak pattern replacing it with a strong and whole pattern. Depending on the depth to which this pattern changing is accepted determines the speed with which the pattern is changed. If one is only able to accept a little change at a time then healing will require much time, or if one is able to accept lots of change the healing can be instantaneous.

How does Reiki relate to what I've just said? Reiki is a method of applying Universal Life Force Energy, hence the name. Reiki is only one such method, there being many other methods of doing this. The different methods of applying this energy take different forms, some methods taking a lot of input and interaction from the practitioner, while others (such as Reiki) take care of directing themselves and work pretty much automatically. In essence using Reiki is to simply turn on a fire hose and let some higher wisdom or power direct the flow of the energy to where it is needed. Otherwise what has been said above applies fully to Reiki.


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