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Update: Nov. / 9 / 00

The Crishana Project: Tiana Katrina's greatest work comes to life!
Screen shots: "impossible-to-get-to" shots from the realMYST demo
New Site : New Purpose : Site Creator Burcham talks about his motivation behind "Guild Artists"
Student Gallery Opens: If you fans have the tools, you probably have some work. give me a chance to put it up!
Upcoming interview : the making of the trees in realMyst
Upcoming interview : Tells about mixing the origional Myst soundtract into realMYST
Upcoming Interview: the new 360 degree rotation viewing engine
Screen shots: New wireframe shots from the inside of the realMYST worlds ("Hit that 'force wireframe' Boy!")
Upcoming Interview: Cyan talks about incorporating new footage into realtime environment
Upcoming interview: How will players see each other in Mudpie?         


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