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Adventures in Boredom!

Hi Everyone!
(Pssst... This is where you say "Hi Dakota"! Very good.)

Alright, so guess what! I'm re-doing my entire web site! Why you may ask... (go ahead and ask why, you know you want to). Because I'm that F***in' bored!

The site is divided into two parts, everything about me outside of NERO... And well, the other part of my life, i.e. NERO!!!!

Now that wasn't too hard to figure out now, was it? ;)

So here ya go boys and girls, have fun! Oh, and send me an e-mail or something and tell me what you think, I used to have a guest book, but something happened and it went away and I forgot how the heck it was that I got it up here, so hey, I'll try again, eventually.

UPDATE!!! Guess what! I finally figured something on this computer thingie out... I have a guest book! Sign it! Pleeeeaaaasseeee!!!???

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