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You can now get animations by saving or copying them instead of signing my guestbook. (Except for animations created by me)

I also offer web site design. 5 Dollars for a regular home page and 1 dollar for every page after that. For a website that requires a lot of work put in (such as this one) I charge 10 dollars for the home page, and 1-2 dollars for every page after. Please leave your e-mail address and what kind of page you need by signing my guestbook (at bottom).

Something wrong with your site? Sign my guestbook with your web page address, and I'll look at your code to try to figure out what's wrong, no charge.

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Don't like the music playing? Listen to something different by clicking Midi Music.

If the lizards that crawl across the screen move backwards, don't move at all, or don't appear, go to the start button, click settings, control panel, internet options, then click settings button in the temporary file box. Select "Automatically" then click ok, then ok.

Want to build a webpage? Learn html at

It says it's for kids, but it's the best HTML tutorial I've seen.

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