this is me

Self-portrait, age 3

why am i creating this subdirectory? i don't know. i think i have an obsessive-compulsive disorder whcih causes me to continually create new subdirectories while the last ones are still unfinished. the last time a similar thing happened was immediately before the original set of art/fibonacci pages were taken down in a huff by myself. perhaps my attention span is decreasing again.

i want to thank volotov for getting me back online since then.

i hate the word "phat" and watching tv. my network is less than 50% of my social life. i love philosophy, physics and mathematics, and reading when it assists me to find out more about those things. i am seriously dependent on volotov, don, gringer and angelfire for survival (online and off). this occasionally concerns me, but then i remember that humans are naturally gregarious creatures anyway, so that i would be very strange if i was independent.

and i hate, hate, hate weblogs and webloggers. die, webloggers.

someday i'll think of something better than that to put on here, but it won't be today. you could do jigsaws instead.

and if you really want to know about me, go read the rest of this website.

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