this is me

Self-portrait, age 3


this is the page that contains all the useless information that you were actually hoping to find when you clicked on that pretty purple butterfly. instead you were sent to a page of weird graphics telling you that i am [variously] goethe or a pair of levi 101's, right? well here's a wee secret: the information on that page may reflect my personality more accurately than the information on this page.

food is central to human life. if i had to survive on just ten different foods and drinks, they would be [in no particular order]:

  1. smoked salmon
  2. cream cheese
  3. smoked chicken
  4. avocado
  5. rye bread
  6. cheese-and-tomato foccacia
  7. oranges
  8. pink grapefruit juice
  9. tonic water
  10. water
plus, of course, that all-purpose and crucial accessory: a toaster. yes. i like to murder innocent foccacias with the intent of cutting them in half and filling them with smoked chicken and avocado. i also like to force out the guts of living oranges to combine with tonic water. i am a very sadistic person.

what else could you possibly want me to put on here? my interests are evident from the rest of this website, my politics can be found on litblog and my angst on my cartoons. hmm.

why on earth would you want to know the name of every album in my music collection?


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