The one and only, unofficial, unendorsed and utterly unclassified home of Google-busting


... or Google-blasting, or Google-smashing. Call it what you will, it's the most addictive new passtime on the Internet today! It's intellectually challenging, it takes you to all kinds of weird unknown locations (like this one), and best of all, after you've done it successfully you can very easily spoil all the fun for everybody else! This is Google-busting...



How to play

  1. Go to the Google search engine
  2. Type in any two English words
    • By "English" I mean that it can be found in the official dictionary I have chosen for this game
    • And by that I mean that it returns a result for a Dictionary Search when typed into the Dictionary field on the YourDictionary homepage
    • Variant spellings and derivative words accepted
    • No profanities, no matter how English they are
    • I test all words submitted!
  3. Click "search"
  4. The aim of the game is to get just one hit. If you get none, or more than one, you have failed.
    If you get just one (you see the words "results 1 - 1 of 1"), you have completed a successful Google-bust!
  5. Come back here and send your successful Google-busting combination to us, so we can post it online. After we have done this, it will be impossible for anyone to Google-bust with that combination ever again, as there will be at least two instances of the combination online (the original, plus this one).

Happy Google-busting!


Successful Google-busts to date

Note that these all returned one result on the day and time they were first tested
Online conditions may have altered since then
Contributors' names appear in italics


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