Remember and When I am Dead, my Dearest by Christina Rossetti
19 - 20 February 2002


Remember is a sad poem, a love-poem, looking to the future when the narrator and her lover will be seperated by death. Perhaps it's a little overly sentimental, or perhaps that's just my cynicism. I rather like "half turn to go, yet turning stay". I can see exactly what the poet means by this - the knowledge that you should leave, that other commitments call, but the reluctance to go. Yes, I like this poem.

Which of these two Rossetti poems I prefer is difficult to say. Remember seems to have actual meaning and the rhyme scheme is not so distracting as that of When I am Dead, my Dearest. The latter slips effortlessly past your mind because you are rushing on to the next rhyme; you miss the actual words. I think I like Remember better. The other causes me to reflect unpleasently on human mortality.


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