archy s life of mehitabel by don marquis
4 September 2002


it s a sequel and as such is both better and not so good
as the original archy and mehitabel
i felt that in this one mehitabel got a little too much air
time saying the same old things
which used to endear her to me i enjoyed her philosophy and
still do yet the constant toujours gai toujours gai
begins to grate for some reason
i almost get the feeling that she becomes too wrapped
up in herself comma too confident of her own existence
the characters are no longer laughing at themselves yes
that s it admittedly mehitabel never did do much laughing
but here archy has given it up also
and it depresses me

there is more of archy s philosophy in this one which may
or may not be a good thing
more archy philosophy means less archy experience
i yearn for more rollicking good stories such
as those of pete the parrot
freddy the rat
warty bliggens the toad
and the drunken hornet
too much archy and mehitabel and not enough other characters
i also object to the author himself continually
interrupting archy should be allowed to speak for himself
all right he only does it twice
but still

someone told me that don marquis is
e e cummings under another name
the style is right but i remain unsure

and eternally grateful to the person who gave
me the book as it is probably
several decades out of print


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