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I'm no one really. Just an occasional reader of DiaryOfDonald who sometimes has coffee with him. But then, there are a lot of people I sometimes have coffee with. Having heard of complaints from some people, including AlexPotanin, I wish to assure other readers that I usually do exist, although I'm sort of elusive. You could visit [my website] but it probably wouldn't do you much good. Or you could look at [my photos]. Or whatever.

I can very ocasionally be seen in Memphis, dragging DonAld away to Galleria.

(May 2004: Obviously this last bit is no longer relevant, as he no longer lives in Memphis. I haven't yet been seen dragging him anywhere from CO 231, and probably won't.)

Some day I will get over the fact that CompSci students are about three millions times cooler than the rest of us, and as a result will stop surfing ElvisBrain and spying on the secret lives of innoncent computer scientists who don't know any better. Instead I'll set up a commerce students' forum, which no one will visit because commerce students have such a bad reputation we're afraid to be seen talking to each other. This will bring home to me the complete futility of life outside MCS, and I will sink into some kind of commercial misery and drown myself in a dumpster full of shredded statements of financial performance...

... but not yet.

Fibonacci is better known as the [Italian mathematician] who descended into a deep depression and eventually threw himself under a bus, after his "Fibonacci Series" lost out in a contest with the factorial function as the first example of recursive computation traditionally given to CompSci students. - DonAld

MikeMcGavin: Hmmm, I think I know who you are -- I've seen you around. Is your first name SebastieGlufenTeinaLoofenQuaffle? You're about six metres tall and wear a baby's bonnet, right?

FibonaCci: That's not what I see when I look in the mirror, but I can't speak for your perceptions.

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