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Tested only with Zmud version 5.55.
Please mud-mail me questions, comments or suggestions.

Rearrange Triggers:
(Modified slightly from Deathlok's)
Note: You might want to change the minimum stats you want. Also note that the numbers in each stat trigger only apply to whether the number is highlighed, so only the numbers in the 'Pressing any other key' trigger determine whether or not the roll is passed. Trigger: <first stat> : (%d) Commands: stat1=%1 #if (@stat1 > 19) {#CO yellow} Class: roll Trigger: <second stat> : (%d) Commands: stat2=%1 #if (@stat2 > 18) {#CO yellow} Class: roll Trigger: <third stat> : (%d) Commands: stat3=%1 #if (@stat3 > 16) {#CO yellow} Class: roll <Optional, doesn't do anything but highlight> Trigger: <fourth stat> : (%d) Commands: #if (%1 > 14) {#CO yellow} Class: roll Trigger: ^Pressing any other key Commands: #if (@stat1 < 20 or @stat2 < 19 or @stat3 < 17) {#CR #ECHO Rerolling... @stat1, @stat2, @stat3} {#ECHO How about this roll? @stat1 @stat2 @stat3} Class: roll Back