<XMP><BODY></xmp>19th Century Guns

Le Mat C&B**Revolver C&B.42 & 28Ga.9+1£2 5/73.6 lbsUSA/Fr.
S&W Russian SA* 1871Revolver.44 Russian6£2 3/82.5 lbsUSA, Rus
.Colt.38RF PoliceRevolver38RF5 GL 2.3USA
Colt 1-shot .41 1856Derringer C&B.411 0.25USA
Colt Army 1860Revolver C&B446 2.8USA
Colt Dragoon 1844Revolver C&B446 4USA
Colt Lightning .38 1877 DA Revolver38 6 GL 2.3USA
Colt Navy 1851Revolver C&B366 2.5USA
Colt No.2 derringerderringer41RF1  USA
Colt Police 1862Revolver C&B365 2.3USA
Colt SA Army 1873*Revolver45LC, .44-40, 38-40, 32-206GL£3 15/42.5 lbsUSA
Colt Thunderer 1878DA/Revolver.41LC, .44-40, .45LC6GL£4 4/62.5 lbsUSA
Colt Walker 1847Revolver C&B446 4.5USA
Colt.38RF Navy 1866Revolver38RF6 GL 2.5USA
Colt.44RF Army 1866Revolver44RF6 GL 2.8USA
Ethan Allen Pepperbox 1837DA C&B364-6  USA
Marlin "Never Miss"Derringer22, 321  USA
Reid .22 knuckleduster 1866revolver22RF7GL .5lbUSA
Reid knuckleduster 1866revolver32, 41RF5GL .5lbUSA
Rem .46RF N.M.Army 1863Revolver.46RF5 GL 2.5USA
Rem. 1875 .44-40Revolver44-406 GL 2.5 USA
Rem. N.M.Army 1860Revolver C&B446 GL 2.5USA
Remington DD 1856Derringer.41RF2£10.7 lbsUSA
Remington New Army 1866Revolver.45LC,.38-406 GL£1 5/62.5 lbsUSA
Remington Rolling Block Pistol 1867Single shot.501 1.5lbUSA
S&W American SA 1873Revolver.38SW, .44SW6£2 12/72.5 lbsUSA
S&W DA 1880DA Revolver32, 38, 445  USA
S&W Model 1 1860Revolver.22RF9DetCYL£11 lbsUSA
S&W Model No.1.5 1865Revolver.32SW5 DetCYL£1 6/41.25 lbsUSA
S&W Model No.2 1861Revolver.32SW6 DetCYL£1 6/41.5 lbsUSA
S&W Wells Fargo/ Schofield 1873Revolver.38SW,.44SW6£1 6/52 lbsUSA
Sharps "Pepperbox" 18594 barrel derringer22, 304  USA
Tipping & Larden4 barrel derringer384  USA
Abadie DARevolver9.1mm6 GL£1 5/51.6 lbsPortugal
BODEO DARevolver10.4mm6 GL£1 7/71.7 lbsItaly
Beaumont Adams Converted to Metallic Cartridge c1865DA Revolver.32,.38, .455 GL 2.3Great Britain
Beaumont Adams 1855DA Revolver C&B.32, .36, .442, .505 2.2-6Great Britain
Enfield 1880DA/Revolver.476, 4556£22.5 lbsGreat Britain
Howdah Pistol 1840sDouble barrelled C&B.702 3lb 11ozGreat Britain
Howdah Pistol 1880sDouble barrelled.577 Short Boxer2 3lb 11ozGreat Britain
Howdah RevolverDA Revolver.577 Short Boxer6 GL 4.5lbGreat Britain
John Adams DA 1867DA Revolver.32, .38 .45Adams6 GL£1 12/52.1 lbsGreat Britain
Lancaster Pistol4 barrel.476, 455, 384£12 lbsGreat Britain
Lancaster Pistol2 barrel.476, 4552£12 lbsGreat Britain
Lancaster Pistol2 barrel.577 Short Boxer or 20 bore2  Great Britain
Tranter 1863Revolver23, 32 RF7 GL  Great Britain
Tranter Solid frameDA Revolver32,38,43,45,506 GL  Great Britain
Webley BulldogDA/Revolver.442, 45, 38, 326 GL£22.7 lbsGreat Britain
Webley New Army Express 1881DA/Revolver.45, 455, .476, .44SW, .45LC6 GL£2 3/72.6 lbsGreat Britain
Webley RIC 1863 and RIC No.1 1883DA/Revolver.456 GL£2 3/72.6 lbsGreat Britain
Webley RIC 1883DA Revolver.45, 32, 365 GL£2 3/72.6 lbsGreat Britain
Webley Service MKI* 1887Revolver455, 476 6£2 5/02.2 lbsGreat Britain
Webley-WilkinsonRevolver.456£2 6/122.8 lbsGreat Britain
Mauser zig zagRevolver9mm6 GL£1 9/121.6 lbsGermany
ReichsRevolver M1883*Revolver10.6mm6GL£2 10/122.2 lbsGermany
Frankenau Purse Pistol 1877Revolver built into purse5mm PF6 GL  German
Breakopen Pinfire 1865Revolver7mm,9mm, 12mm PF6  France
Coup de Poing Fist pistol 1867DA Pepperbox or revolver7mm, 9mm PF or 5mm, 7mm, 9mm RF6 GL (8 for 5mm RF)  France
Lafaucheux Revolver 1870DA or SA revolver7mm, 9mm, 12mm PF6 GL  France
Lafaucheux Revolver 1870DA or SA revolver7mm, 9mm, 12mm PF7 GL or 7 DetCYL 1lb 7ozFrance
Lafaucheux Revolver 1870DA or SA revolver7mm, 9mm, 12mm PF12 GL  France
Le Page 20shot 1867Revolver7mm, 9mm, 12mm20 GL ?France
Le Mat PinfireRevolver.42PF & 28Ga.9GL+1ML Shot barrel£4 9/43.4 lbsFrance
Biedermann4 barrel derringer12mm4  Belgium
Belgian M1871Revolver10.4mm6 GL 2.1Belgian
Nagant M1878Revolver9mm6 GL 2.1Belgian
Nagant M1883Revolver9mm6GL 2.1Belgian
Gasser-Kropatschek 1878DA/Revolver 9mm6 GL 1.7Austria
Gasser-Montenegrin 1882DA/Revolver11.3mm6 GL£2 10/03.1 lbsAustria
Double barrelled Muzzle LoaderFlintlock or C&B.5-.72  Any
Single Shot Muzzle LoaderFlintlock or C&B.5-.71  Any

        Pepperboxes may be classed as Muzzle loading Revolvers if Cap and Ball or Gate Loading Revolvers if loaded with metallic cartridges. The Sharps Pepperbox was in fact a four barrelled breech loading pistol, not a revolver.
        Muzzle loading pistols are usually large calibre and therefore "Heavy pistols" for determining Wounding effects. Duelling pistols and some civilian weapons may be medium powered.
        The Coup de Poing were low cost weapons and formed the basis of the Apache pistol. Apache pistols have a folding knife blade and a folding grip that can be used as a knuckleduster. Knuckledusters are used with the Fisticuff skill and subtract one from the targets unarmed combat save.
        Reid's "My Friend" revolver was a firearm that incorporated a finger ring that could be used as a knuckleduster.
        A couple of thousand Le Mat pistols were used in the American Civil War, mainly by the Confederates. At least three generals carried them. After the war they continued to be made in France, Belgium and Birmingham and while rare in the US they can still be found in parts of the world that are under French influence. They are found in both Cap and Ball and Pinfire chamberings and a few Centrefire weapons may be found too. In all models the shot barrel is muzzle loaded. The 9mm version is quite rare.
        The Webley RIC model is the standard sidearm of the London Metropolitan Police.
        The 20ga Lancaster pistol can be treated as a Howdah pistol or as the shot barrel of a Le Matt pistol. The Lancaster in .577 Short Boxer is a Howdah pistol.

        http://www.the-shipyard.de/ has some information on Victorian weapons for "Cthulhu by Gaslight". Weights, capacities and cost can be used in other systems. More usefully, there are images of many of the weapons.

Rifles and Shotguns.

Hawkens Plains Rifle 1800Muzzle loading rifle.501 15USA
Henry CarbineLA Carbine (Pistol calibre).44RF 12SFT£17.5 lbsUSA
Henry Rifle 1862LA Rifle (Pistol calibre).44RF 18SFT£18.3 lbsUSA
Remington Rolling Block RifleBL Rifle.45-70/ various1£1 ¼9 lbsUSA/ various
Sharps Buffalo RifleBL Long Hunting rifle50-120, 45-1201£416 lbsUSA
Sharps 1867BL Rifle. 45-701£3 5/79.1 lbsUSA
Sharps carbine 1867BL Carbine45-701 6.5USA
Spencer 1863LA Carbine (Pistol Calibre).56RF7SFT£17.3 lbsUSA
Springfield Rifle-Musket 1853Rifle-Musket.577 Minie Ball1 8lb 10ozUSA
Springfield Rifle-Musket CarbineRifle-Musket carbine.577 Minie Ball1 6lb 10ozUSA
Trapdoor Springfield 1873*BL Rifle.45-701£1 4/128.4 lbsUSA
Trapdoor Springfield*BL Carbine.45-551£0 15/47.6 lbsUSA
Winchester 86LA Carbine.45-705SFT£1 4/37.5 lbsUSA
Winchester 86LA Rifle.45-707SFT£28.8 lbsUSA
Winchester Carbine2 LA Carbine (Pistol Calibre).44-40 10SFT£17.5 lbsUSA
Winchester Rifle2 LA Rifle (Pistol Calibre).32-20,.38-40, 44-4015SFT£1 5/38.6 lbsUSA
Remington-Lee****BA Rifle.45-705SFM£4 12/59.5 lbsUS Navy/USMC
Berdan M1871*BA Single shot rifle10.75mm x 58R1  Russia
Mauser Kropatschek M1886*BA Rifle8x60R8SFT  Portugal
Murata type 18 (1885) *BL Rifle11mm x 60R1  Japan
Murata type 22 (1889) *BL Rifle8mm x 53R1  Japan
Vetterli M1870BA Single shot Rifle10.4mm x 47R1  Italy
Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 *BA Rifle10.4mm x 47R4SFM£1 ¾8.25lbsItaly
Beaumont Rifle*BA Rifle11mm5SFM£1 5/39.25lbsHolland
Martini-Henry Carbine *BL Rifle.45 (.450/.577)1£17lb 8ozGreat Britain
Martini-Henry*BL Carbine.45 (.450/.577)1£18lb 10ozGreat Britain
Martini-MetfordBL Rifle.303  8lb 12ozGreat Britain
Martini-Metford CarbineBL Carbine.303  7lb 10ozGreat Britain
Brown Bess MusketMuzzle loading Smooth bore.751 10lb 3ozGreat Britain
Enfield 1853Rifle-Musket.577 Minie Ball1 8lb 10ozGreat Britain
Enfield CarbineRifle-Musket Carbine.577 Minie Ball1 6lb 10ozGreat Britain
SniderBL Rifle-musket conversion.577 Snider Cartridge.1 9lb 3.5ozGreat Britain
Holland & HollandBL Express Rifle (Heavy Hunter).600 Nitro2 barrels£1010.5lbsGreat Britain
India pattern Smoothbored Musket 1858Smoothbore musket.6561 7lb 14ozGreat Britain
Lee-Metford MK IBA Carbine.3038SFM£1 15/57.5 lbsGreat Britain
Lee-Metford Mk I* 1888BA Rifle.3038SFM£29 lbsGreat Britain
Mauser 1871 11mmBA Single shot rifle11.15mm x 60R 1 9Germany
Mauser 1871 carbineBA Single shot carbine 11.15mm x 60R 1 7Germany
Mauser 1871/84 11mm* 1884BA Rifle 11.15mm x 60R 8SFT 9Germany
Commision 1888*BA Rifle7.92mm5CFM£2 10/59 lbsGermany
Commision 1888*BA Carbine7.92mm5CFM£1 19/47.5 lbsGermany
Charleville Musket 1830Muzzle loading Smooth bore.69cl111France
Gras M1874BA Single shot rifle11mm x 59R1  France
Kropatschek M1884BA Rifle11mm x 59R8 SFT  France
Le Page CarbineRevolver carbine (pistol calibre)9mm, 12mm PF20  France
Lebel 1886*BA Rifle8mm Smokeless8SFT£1 12/59.3 lbsFrance
Lebel 1886*BA Carbine8mm Smokeless8SFT£1 3/57.8 lbsFrance
Krag-Jorgensen*BA Rifle8mm5SFM£1 5/109.2 lbsDenmark
Winchester RCMP*1LA Carbine.45-75 WCF12SFT£1 7/67.8 lbsCanada
Albini M1873*BA Single shot rifle11mm x 50R1  Belgium
Comblain M1882 *BA Single shot rifle11mm x 50R1  Belgium
Mauser M1889*BA Rifle7.65mm Smokeless5ChLM 8lb 0.5oz.Belgium
Kropatschek M78 Naval Rifle*BA Rifle11mm8SFT£1 6/59.5 lbsAustria & French Navy
Mannlicher M1886 *BA Rifle11.15x58R5CFM 10Austria
Mannlicher M1888*BA Rifle8x50R5CFM£1 8/69.4 lbsAustria
Werndl M1873BL Rifle11.15x58R1  Austria
12ga. Double (eg Greener)Shotgun12 Gauge2Barrels£3 8/58.5 lbsUSA/ Any
Greener Sawn offScattergun12 Gauge2Barrels£2 ¾7.8 lbsUSA/Any
Martian Shield gunScattergun –C&B12 gauge1 Detachable  Martian
Spencer & Roper 1882Pump action shotgun12 gauge5SFT 8.8lbsUSA
Winchester 1887LA Shotgun12 Gauge5SFT£4 5/78.8 lbsUSA
12ga. Single 1863Shotgun12 Gauge 1 8Any
20ga. double 1863Shotgun20 Gauge2 8Any
20ga. single 1863Shotgun20 Gauge1 7Any

1 The Winchester RCMP Carbine was not actually made "in" Canada, but was made for the RCMP by Winchester, almost exclusively. In other words, it's HARD to get.
2 The Winchester rifles and carbines could be bought in a variety of calibres. Including, but not limited to .32-20, .44-40,.38-40, (Pistol ammo) and .45-70, .45-55, .45-75WCF (rifle ammo) and several other popular calibres of the period.

*=Military Issue weapon of the manufacturing country –or that most likely to be encountered in the hands of troops. Natives, militia, levies etc would probably have the older weapons listed for a country.
**** Several thousand Remington-Lees were brought by the US Navy and are most likely to be found in the hands of United States Marines.
        Lee Metford carbines were not produced until 1894 so the weapon listed is probably a shortened rifle, and may cost more than the list price. When adopted the Lee Metford carbine had a 6 shot magazine so that it would fit more easily in a saddle boot.
        The Martian Shield gun is a single barrelled scatter gun fitted in the centre of a shield. The chamber is removable so that it can be reloaded without the need to lower the shield. Often several preloaded chambers are carried. A chamber takes the same time to reload as a smoothbore pistol but takes an additional action to fit or remove from the gun. Shield guns using Earth built weapons may also be encountered.

GL -gate loading revolver or pepperbox.
C&B -Cap and Ball. Weapon muzzle loaded or revolver chambers loaded from the front with loose powder or paper cartridges.
ML -Muzzle loading
DetCYL- detachable cylinder. Empty revolver cyclinder can be removed and replaced with a pre-loaded one, rather like magazine loading.
DA -double action
SA -Single action
BL -Breech loader
LA -lever action
BA -Bolt action
SFT -Single Feed Tubular magazine. Rounds must be inserted one at a time.
SFM -Single Feed box magazine. Rounds must be inserted one at a time.
CFM -Clip Fed Magazine. Must be loaded by Clip -cannot be loaded with individual rounds
ChLM -Charger Loaded Magazine. Can be loaded by charger or by individual rounds.

New Smallarms system
Weapons for Steampunk 1920
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Space 1889 British Army Swords


All Cavalry swords are single edged slightly curved blades with a double edge for last 8.5-9.5"

1864 35.5"x 1.25" ?
1882 long model 35 3/8" x 1 1/8" 2lb 3oz
1882 short model 33" x 1 1/16" 2lb 1 oz
1885 34.5" x 1 1/8" 2lb 6 oz

Household Cavalry

Straight bladed single edged weapons with a double edged spear point

1882 long model 38 1/8 x 1 " 2lb 5oz
1882 short model (bandsman) 34 x1 " 2lb 2oz
1888 37 1/8 x 1 " 2lb 9oz


Slight curve, double edged at end

1845 32 x 1 1/8"1lb 13oz

Scottish Broadsword

Straight and Double edged.

1865 32 3/16" x 1 3/16" 2lb 13oz