<XMP><BODY></xmp> Anti-Helicopter Top Attack Missiles

Jägerfaust for Helicopters - Top Attack Missile.

        A fundamental tactic of attack helicopters is to hide behind terrain features and "pop-up" to attack, minimising their exposure to counter-fire.
        The Anti-Helicopter Top Attack Missile is fired over the position of a hidden helicopter. A downward looking sensor detects the rotor disc by radar, visual, acoustic or barometric means and releases the missile's warload.
        This may be a downward firing battery of simple recoilless guns like the WW2 Jägerfaust, or it may be numerous small HE and Hollow charge bombs. Pairs of these may be tied together on cords that will catch in the rotors. One idea I like is to use the "Siamese" double-ended hollow charge bombs that Carlton Meyer suggest in his article on "Blast Pens".These have two hollow-charges placed back to back so that the jets travel in opposite directions. Bombletts falling beneath a helicopter may still cause damage to the underside when their self destruct charges cook off. Mixed in with these would be a few "bouncing" airburst fragmentation grenades with enhanced flash to dazzle a pilot.
         Such a missile may also be useful attacking vehicles, infantry and entrenchments.

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