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Attack, Avoid, Survive: Essential Principles of Self Defence.
Phil West

        Very few combat manuals choose to explain the mechanics and principles on which techniques are based. This book does. Not only are the essential principles explained, but they are also illustrated with practical real world applications.
        Examples are drawn from proven martial arts including Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Combat Tai Chi, Capoeira, Jujitsu, Bagua, Boxing and the Filipino Martial Arts.
        Included in this book is a detailed section on Dim mak or Vital points which features a new simplified system for learning the point locations.
        Contents include:-
  • Advice on avoiding trouble before the fighting starts.
  • Defence against Knives and other armed attacks.
  • The use of Dim mak Vital points and Pressure Points.
  • Locks, Throws, Takedowns, Strikes and Kicking.
  • Use of Knives and everyday objects for defence.
  • Selecting firearms for close range defence.

        Foreword by Erle Montaigue, Co-Author of the Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak.
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US Trade Format Version        
A5 Format        

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