Our Rules

These rules are here to ensure that our channel runs as smooth as possable, If you stick by theses rules everything should be just fine. But rember all dicks will be met by force.

Rules Updated:08/08/2003 @ 17.48 GMT
1. Do NOT Query/Msg/Notice Ops and nicks with +v
2. Requestees must have Auto-Get enabled.
3. 1 file per request, 5 files per network in a period of 24 hours.
4. No begging
5. We do not allow requests for: Porn, Rip releases, internal SVCDs and DVDs, foreign releases, irc group and newsgroup repacks.
6. Do NOT request the same files on different networks. This causes confusion for the fillers.
7. Never close a request, then request the same file again.
8. If there is an #incomplete-chat channel on the network, talk there, not in the main channel

#incomplete founders: chrisb2k1 and d0g_
Site created and maintained by chrisb2k1. All material is not copyright and be used freely :-)

.sfv - So you can check for bad files
.nfo - Get them important CD-Keys
.rar .r** .0** - standard rls archive formats
.zip - exceptions for fixes etc
.mp3 - missing mp3 files altho these aren't easy to get hold of.