What are you wanting to know about?

  • How the filling works
  • The request limit

How the filling works:
This is not complicated or hard but it manages to confuse a lot of people. When you have requested a file, you could be waiting hours before you receive it. If someone gets their request before you who requested after you, its not unusual. Some of the people within #incomplete channels have an autofiller script which monitors the channel for newly added requests. Once it picks a request up it searches the persons Hard Drive for the requested file. If the people who have this script don't have the file you will not get it instantly like some may. They may have got lucky and caught a autofill script as a que spot was avaliable.You just have to be patient. Do not ask for the file after you have requested it either, just wait. We have eyes, we can see your request. Everybody can fill so while your waiting why don't you search your hard drive and see if you can help anyone?

The request limit:
Basically this is here to stop people requesting whole movies/games etc. It works well since we are a channel to help you get a couple of missing files you may have. Not a warez leeching channel. Once you have requested 5 files. That is it. You can not request any more until they are filled/cancelled. If they are filled, you have to wait 24 hours from when your first request was filled before you can request another. We get people saying - "I've only requested 4". Well we know full well this is untrue. The bot never lies and keeps strict logs including IPs and hostnames. Just respect what it says when it says it.