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The serice packs contain here are for the running of a stable win2k system. The service packs contain some of the various updates required. But Windows update will still need to be ran until all the various extra updates have been downloaded.
To check for windows up date please click HERE

It also contains the various service packs required for office xp.
Important Prior to installing Office XP SP2, you must install Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). Office also has a update engine to check for any office up dates please click HERE

Directx 8.1b is also required for the running of most modern games and with such utilites as creative 5.1 speakers.

N.B Directx 8.2 is available but at this present time is only a beta version.

To install any of the service packs simply click run from here. Or save the files to the desired folder and run the exe file from there. They can also be downloaded from any of the links on the left hand side.

Windows 2000 service pack 3

Windowsxp Service Pack 1

Office xp service pack 1

Office xp service pack 2

Directx 8.1b

Windows 2000 Service pack 3

Office xp Service pack 1

Office xp Service Pack 2

Directx 8.1b