Ok, so you need a little help with our channel. Don't worry, it's not that simple when you haven't used it before. But just spend 5 minutes reading this page and you will have it figured in no time at all. Please read the rules and F & Q too. If in doubt ask in #incomplete-chat!

What are you trying to do?

If it is any of the above then you are on the right page. Just keep reading to find out how to do them. If you help yourself, you are also helping us help you. It makes sense :-)

How to request files:

There is a simple syntax command to request files. Which is:
!request filename.extension / Description of release.

An example of this would be:
!request dev-ef2b.042 / STAR.TREK.ELITE.FORCE.II-DEViANCE CD2

All filenames must be correct or you are unlikely to get your file. This includes having the right extension. So ensure that windows is not hiding all known extensions; Since you should already have some of the files for the release you wish to complete it shouldn't be a problem getting this right. If you are totally unsure of the correct filename simply copy and paste one you have and alter the extension to the number that is corrupt / missing. The release name however doesn’t have to be correct. But the more accurate you are, the more likely the request fillers will know what file(s) to send you.

But be sure auto get is on before you request as a lot, but not all files get sent very quickly.

How to cancel your requests:
When you type !getlist within the channel, Bertie or Lovebot4u will show you an url where the request list can be found. On that list you will find your requests. Each request has a numbered ID. This ID is used to open, cancel and fulfill your requests. But to cancel ensure you have the same irc nick you requested with and type:

!close <ID> (where <ID> is replaced with the ID number, for example, !close 321)
Do not cancel and request the same files again.

How to reopen your requests:
Actually, you can not re-open your requests. In the event of a bad send (not including slow speed, you have to live with that) that fails then instead of re-requesting and wasting one of your requests you can ask within the channel for your request ID to be reopened. Before you ask for it to be reopened check the request list to ensure it was closed in the first place. It is also handy if you have the request number to hand. Then an OP will then check out the request and if all is ok will re-opened so that your request appears on the list again. Do not attempt to request the same file again once it has been reopened.
Plz use the chat channel if there is one on your net.

How to fulfill someone else’s request:
This is where things get a little tricky. First off though let me just say anybody can help out, we appreciate all the help we get. Ok, now to fulfill a request that is on the list you first have to have the file someone else wants, then you must DCC it to the requestor, once the DCC has begun and the file can be seen sending you must close the request.

This is done the same way as you would cancel your own request. So say you are currently sending request 321 to someone, in the channel you would type: !close 321

This will then change the status of the request to fulfilled and give you credit for it. If you find that the person is not in the channel or has requested a non-existing rar plz tell a OP in the channel not by pm

Only send the correct file requested and do not close any request for files that do not exist. If the request is for a .sfv file send the request and notify a op as we try to send these free.If in doubt ask!