Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:] How do I request a file?
A:] Type "!request filename.ext / release name-release group" without the quotes.

Q:] I placed a request, when do I get my file?
A:] It can start from 2 seconds to never, we are not bots, we are humans, idle and be patient. Better help fill a few requests well you wait.

Q:] I looked at the list and I see some requests that I can fill, what to do?
A:] DCC send the file to the nickname that requested it and once the DCC starts then type !close ####. If in dout ask we welcome new fillers.

Q:] Can I request the same file on two or more of #iNCOMPLETE channels?
A:] No you can not, all your requests will be cancelled and you will be banned.

Q:] How many files can I request?
A:] You can request 5 files on each of our chans per 24 hour, but put 5 seconds between each request.

Q:] Why was my request cancelled?
A:] There can be many reasons, use CTRL+F and fill in your nickname and search backwards, untill you see the crew that cancelled your request.

Q:] Can I request full iSO releases, even if I spread it over multiple days?
A:] No, we are not a leech channel, use iRCSPY.

Q:] I accidently requested the same file on more nets, what should I do now?
A:] Use !close #### on the network you duped on. (#### is to be replaced with you request ID#).

Q:] !cancel doesnt work for me?
A:] !cancel is an +o/+v command only).

Q:] What commands can I use?
A:] You can use !request, !close and !getlist.

Q:] When is a release considered asw incomplete
A:] When you are missing 1 to 10 files! else go use iRCSPY.

Q:] I can not send to channel, I am getting "error can't send to channel"?
A:] The channel is moderated (+m) most likely the request bot is down.

Q:] I can not join the channel, I am getting "error can't join channel, it's invite only"?
A:] The channel is invite only (+i) Try again later or join #incomplete-chat.

Q:] I can not join the channel, I'm getting "error can't join channel, address is banned"?
A:] You have been banned, come back later.

Q:] I can not join the channel, I'm getting "error can't join channel, it's full"?
A:] The channel limit has been reached, try again in 2 minutes or join #incomplete-chat.

Q:] Why was I banned?
A:] You broke 1 or more of the rules.

Q:] Are Bans permanent?
A:] Unless you are a total screw up, then the ban(s) are timed

Q:] This is my first visit, what should I do?
A:] Read all of this Website

Q:] This is my first visit, and I can not join the #channel, it says I'm banned?
A:] Join #incomplete-chat on EFnet and ask.

Q:] I need porn, can I request it here?
A:] No, any and all request for porn will be cancelled.

Q:] I don't have the cue file for my bin, what to do?
A:] Make your own cue file with CDmage or CUEMaker or burn with Fireburner.

Q:] My get(file) started but then it stopped. Now what?
A:] Use CTRL+F and see if the request was closed or cancelled. If the request was closed ask a op to reopen the request.

Q:] I keep being kick from the channel?
A:] Dont message ops/voiced (+o+v) without permission.

Q:] My mIRC keeps rejecting the sends I requested
A:] You need to have ignore set OFF for the following filetypes: *.sfv *.nfo *.r' *.0* and have autoget enabled, Autoget Picture.

Q:] I have a Router or Firewall, how to configure them?
A:] Read the manuals, we are not a helpdesk office, you can also use Goooogle.

Q:] What is an sfv file and how to use it?
A:] sfv stands for "simple file verfication" and it is used to match your files checksum to assure that none of them is bad. Download a sfv checker here.

Q:] I have autoget on and everything else work, but I can't get resumed my files from some of the channels?
A:] On Saltek, Global-Dimension & Globalunderground you need to register your nick. Type "/msg nickserv help register" without the "".

Q:] On what Networks can I find #Incomplete?
A:] We currently operate on Saltek, Global-Dimension,Globalunderground, EFnet & Undernet.

Q:] I requested some files, but found them elsewhere, what should I do now?
A:] Please cancel your request on the channel you made them by using !close ####.

Q:] I requested some files, but now they are gone and I can't see that they were cancelled?
A:] The request list is purged now and then, request the files again.

#incomplete founders: chrisb2k1 and d0g_

#incomplete founders: chrisb2k1 and d0g_
Site created and maintained by chrisb2k1. All material is not copyright and be used freely :-)

.sfv - So you can check for bad files
.nfo - Get them important CD-Keys
.rar .r** .0** - standard rls archive formats
.zip - exceptions for fixes etc
.mp3 - missing mp3 files altho these aren't easy to get hold of.