Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty

Photo above courtesy of Tonner Doll Company, Inc.

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Photos below of Tiny Kitty "Spring" Toy Shoppe Exclusive. This doll has the same upswept curly ponytail hairstyle and color as the basic brunette doll. However, her ponytail seems to be much fuller than those on the basic dolls, but is set lower on her head then the ponytail on the "Spring" doll. She has no bow in her hair. She has blue eyes and red lips.

She is wearing a yellow day dress with embroidered flowers throughout the bodice (including the back). The dress has tiny white buttons down the front. She is also wearing a white flower corsage.

She has white pearl earrings and a white necklace strung on elastic thread (which now that I look at the official photo, may actually be a bracelet). She has white short gloves and a white hat with white netting, yellow trim, and flowers attached to the back. She has yellow slip-on sandals made of the same fabric as the dress and a white leather-like purse. She also has nylons, a petticoat, and white underwear.

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty

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