Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty

Photos below of Tiny Kitty FAO Schwarz Exclusive "Pastel Ensemble" Trunk Set doll wearing her blue suit. This doll has a red bob hairstyle with a rhinstone clip. She is the only Tiny Kitty doll that has been produced so far with this hairstyle.

The fabric in this suit contains tiny flecks of gold. The jacket has a blue satin trim and gold bead buttons. She is wearing a hat and purse made from the same blue fabric as the jacket trim. The hat is in the shape of a bow and has a netted veil. She is wearing white pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, short blue gloves, and tan shoes. The shoes are made of a suede-like fabric.

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

Tiny Kitty Tiny Kitty

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