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     Ordering Information
Each family has a beautiful moment in its life: a reunion, your children, your pet or anything that you treasure. You want to transform an ordinary photograph into something really meaningful: a portrait, but without too much trouble. A professional portrait will give you a great satisfaction for the years to come.
In order to your painting be as accurate as possible, your photograph should be at least 15x20 centimeters, the larger, the better. It also must be very clear and sharp so all the details can be seen.
Portraits can be customised to your specific requirements and can be painted any size from 35x50 cm upwards. The size quoted in our price list are for guidance only and represent the most popular sizes requested. Any other size you want can be discussed upon and executed. It is also possible to have 2 or more separate photographs combined into one painting.
Unlike a snapshot, a professional made portrait will be displayed on your wall to be looked at everyday. Usually, the best size for a simple head and shoulders portrait for an adult or half-length portrait for a child is 40x50 cm.
Here are the links for the price lists:
Note: the prices include insurance and airmail world-wide delivery.
The prices are based on the complexity and the size of the subject.
Any other additional figures or pets will be charged with 30% above basic price, for each one.
Complicated backgrounds, instruments or sophisticated clothes will be charged with 25%.
As soon as I receive your photograph, we will contact you to confirm it and to evaluate the painting. This helps you to fill in the order form and to make the payment.
If the amount exceeds $500, you could pay half of the money as an advance payment and the rest before the delivery. I will advise you by e-mail when the painting has been completed and ready for dispatch.
The painting will be finished in 3-6 weeks from your order request. It will be delivered unframed altogether with the original photograph.
For details, please contact me by e-mail:

Here is the Order Form you should fill and send to me along with the photo after we have set the details by e-mail.