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Kiana's Lady in a Glass Tutorial

2001 D/s Creations

Here is a .zip file that contains the images used in this tutorial.  Feel free to use your own images, of course.  the .zip file contains:   (352kb)      

Click here to download zip file. You will need an unzip utility to use this file.  Save the .tub images in your tubes folder and the .msk file wherever you store your masks in PSP.

This tutorial utilizes Paint Shop Pro 6.0 and Eye Candy 4000.

Open new image 300 X 300 - Transparent Background
Flood fill with color #C5ADAD with the following settings:

Go to Masks / Load from disk and chose the Art Deco mask;
Then go to Masks / Delete - Click "Yes" when it asks if you want to merge it into current layer.
Make a new Raster Layer and drag it underneath your mask layer.
Flood fill as above, except with black.
Your image should now look like this :

Change color back to #C5ADAD and Flood Fill twice (click twice) on your background layer with the following settings:

Select your mask layer and apply a PSP cutout effect with the following settings:

Apply PSP Inner Bevel with the following settings:

Then apply Eye Candy's "Glow" effect using the default for "Faint White".
Your image should now look something like this:

Now for the fun stuff :-)
Make a new Raster Layer and drag it underneath your mask layer.
Place the Brandy Snifter tube in the center - - I used it at 90 scale.
Colorize using Hue: 15 Saturation: 38
At this point - I used the retouch tool set to 'soften' to soften the edges of the glass a bit.
Here's what the image looks like so far:

Now we place the lady in the glass :)
Make a new Raster Layer. Drag it under the glass layer.
Select your k-woman97 tube file - - I used it at 50 scale. Place it in your glass.
Go to layers and set blend mode to "lighten" and opacity to 65.
This is what you should have at this point:

Now for the Pearls!!!
Make a new Raster Layer and you can place it wherever you'd like. I placed it underneath my glass layer.
Choose your tube tool and select the pearls tube. Use it with the following settings:

There is no real rhyme or reason as to the placement of the pearls. It's a personal preference. With the above settings just click and drag your mouse through your image and drape the pearls according to your preference.
When I was finished with the pearls - I colorized them using Hue: 15 Saturation: 38 just to give them a uniform color because the .tub file included in the .zip file are multicolored pearls.
Here is how mine looks at this point:

Make your layer with the background and the mask invisible, so that only the pearls, the glass and the lady are showing.
Then merge visible layers.
Select the merged layer and set layer opacity to 75.
Add a drop shadow to the image. I used Eye Candy 4000 Shadowlab for the drop shadow with these settings:

Merge all layers and you are done!
Here is my finished image:

Hope you liked this tutorial!