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This one's a Mechanithrall, a zombie with giant steam gauntlets.

This one is fanart for a friend's character. Colouring's not very good.

Jiggity Jack, probably my favourite character. Drawn with the tablet/stylus.

A logo I did for my friend's upcoming website,

A sorcerer character I came up with named Azahn.

A little stickman animation I made. :D

Coloured someone else's picture.

Probably my best colouring job yet. Some dude did a sketch of a troll and I coloured it.

A great dude on the Penny Arcade forums drew this Crazy 88 picture from Kill Bill, so I coloured it.

Some purple dude and Hellboy. I really like the colouring style I used, for some reason.

Again, coloured someone else's picture.

He's angry because he has no crotch.

Coloured someone else's sketch again.

Drew a friend's character and coloured it.

A doodle at work because I hate my job.

Drew and coloured this WITH A MOUSE. That's right.

Also with a mouse.

And this one too.

And this one.