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The Knappen Street All-Star Band

The All Stars

A recipe for good times:

Combine clawhammer banjo with a little soprano sax, back this up with a killer rhythm section deeply rooted in the afro-cuban tradition. Write songs that can both swing and cry, can laugh and dance; throw in some stories and classic tunes of the last century plus some catchy dance moves. Polish it off with silver-smooth back-up vocals, mix with care, and sit back and enjoy the All-Stars' signature sound. Et voila! Audiences have voiced their appreciation from Whitehorse to Winnipeg, from Salmon Arm to Halifax.


Clawhammer Your Way to the Top 1993 Juno Award Nominee, Best Roots and Traditional album
Life on a String 1997 Juno Award Nominee, Best Roots and Traditional album

What people are saying:

"Quirky, bizarre and beautiful music that hints at influences of klezmer, swing, classical composition and traditional banjo clawhammer styles, but the result is much more that the sum of it's parts! It runs the gamut from gentle to humourous to haunting without a musical cliché in sight." - Lloyd Peterson/New Tune Review

"Daniel is to Clawhammer what Bela Fleck is to Bluegrass - fresh, innovative creative and energetic. He's taken the medium to a new level and style." - Cathy Fink/Banjo Newsletter

2001 Western Canadian dates:

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