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Vine Charcoal

Compressed charcoal and/or conte crayon

kneaded eraser

clip board or foam core or cardboard to hold paper

newsprint and your choice of drawing paper/pads


SUBJECT:  Can be still life, fruit, floral, photos or prints

For outside drawing:  pen and ink (9x11 drawing pad and Shaffer calligraphy pen and cartridges)


Oil Paints cadmium yellow pale naples yellow
yellow ochre raw sienna
burnt sienna cadmium red light
grumbacher red alizarin crimson
thalo blue cobalt blue
ultramarine blue sap green
viridian green titanium white
ivory black raw umber

jar of turpentine  (place turpentine in an empty spaghetti sauce jar (quart) with nylon tuffy)

linseed oil

white, bristle long handled brushes, #2,4,6,8,10, etc.

paper towels

canvas or canvas board

palette and palette knife

jar/container for brushes


soft pastels - Grumbacher or Winsor Newton

pastel paper/pad - grays or beiges

clipboard or foam core or cardboard to hold paper

newsprint and vine charcoal

paper towels

Note:  If you choose to use oil pastels, any brand will do

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