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This site is a small gallery of my Photoshop wallpapers. I will continue making more wallpapers, so come back once in a few weeks. You can distribute these images freely, but don't change them.
All of the images are 1024 on 768 pixels, uncompressed JPEGs, except for Rebel Flame, which is 1600 on 1200 pixels. It may take a while to load. All of these wallpapers were made with Photoshop and a few custom plug-ins.
If you have an idea for a wallpaper, you want to post my wallpapers somewhere, or you just have anything to ask or say, e-mail me at

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Featured Wallpaper:
Eyes of Nightwish - Nightwish is a finnish band playing gothic rock. I've been really into their songs for the last two weeks, and things followed... I couldn't help myself :)

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