My sister has a new man

    My sister has a new man. He's officially her man. They've been friends for over a year now. My sister has never really been in a relationship with anyone other than her kids father. They were together for many moons, like all through high school and beyond. They have 4 kids together, 3 girls, 1 boy. This new guy..hmmm...I really cant say if hes the one for her or not. You really cant know someone your interested in, until youve spent a lot of time with them and seen all their good sides, not so good sides exposed. They have been seeing each other but hes real nice though but was my step dad before my mother married him. Im just saying one should be cautious. Guard your heart when it comes to men...cuz they can throw some curve balls in the game ya know. I do believe in game...but there's 2 kinds of games. 1-player, jus out to be in the moment with many partners. 2-a mind game' that you carry with you thru out your life that guides you. You have to have a together' game in life to make it. There was a point in my sister's life were she didnt have herself together. She was rollin' wit the wrong crowd. All she wanted to do was smoke weed, be with her kids dad and drink and party with her friends. She changed though for the better.Here's a picture. I think this is one of her better pictures. She's put on some weight since her last baby (Aug 2001) but I think she looks better thick' than being soo thin.  

See for yourself

    Now shes one of the most educated,nicest,coolest women I know of...They say the apple dont fall to far from the tree. Because she came from good peoples. She broke things off with her kids father last year right before she had her baby girl. Thats my boo too! She's the sweetest baby! She never cries...she's so interactive though. If you smile at her, she never fails to return the smile. Her kids father has only seen the baby in pictures. It was tuff but a girl had to do what a girl had to do and kick his azz to the curb for real. She was definitely the only real woman he's had in his life time.We respect each other's she dont ask about my business' and I dont ask about hers..unless we invite each other in it. Im glad he's far away like beyond a 1000 mile in New York. I really aint never liked him much over the past 3-5 years anyway. I had my reasons too. Most women or all I should say(in my immediate family)...have not been married or in a relationship that lasted long or lasted as an overall healthy relationship. I think thats why I dont want to get married. Im a little bias I know, we all are. However, this bias is not hurting anyone but maybe myself. Im sorry, but this is just residue from growing up and seeing so many bad marriages in my personal life and not being exposed to the other side. Im not however closing the door on that option. I will always be open to chance and possibilty but I jus aint lookin forward to it. Men in the house? *sigh* headache! Ive seen the women in my family holdin it down strong for their family on their own. So I feel I can do the same exact thing. I want to be the "Say-So" and "Do-er" in my family. I dont want to go to bed after an argument with some man or go to bed mad/sad because of some man who happens to be sleeping in the same bed as me...or hurt by someone I live with and then my kids have to witness this and go thru this with me and probably end up getting hurt the most. Ive been there, done that and would never allow my kids to go through all that heart break and anxiety. No Way! However, like my dad said he didnt want to grow old alone. He's remarried to this beautiful spanish/black girl who Ive only met on one occassion. Im sure my dad picked up a good fruit...he' knows how to pick'em *wink*. I might adopt another kid (baby) when Im 38 years old if everything is going great. Im just very afraid of getting married and living with a man forever. Id be just devastated if I knew I couldnt be myself in my own house. Like I had abide under "how he wants it" and "how he likes it". 

    I kinda want to build it like the Cosby's. They were that picture perfect family. I know everybody aint no Cosby kids. I aim give my kids great parenting like that though. I know my son needs a real man in his life to be there for him always and in the house to guide him and turn him to a man. I know my daughter needs that example. I know lots of great people coming out of single parent homes. Nothing is perfect but I try and I will try my damn near hardest to make them adjustable, well-balanced individuals. I sure as hell dont want to be afraid to speak my mind in my own house either if Im married and an argument spins up. Ive had such harsh brushes with men in my life. Im trying to hang on but its hard. Im not swingin' to females or nothing. Im just really tender in the men department right now. Im looking to be stronger. Well thats just my 2 cents right now...