Dear Nas and Jay

Dear Nas and Jay-Z

Dear Nas, 

I gotta admit I'm kinda pissed right now. 
Tryin' to figure out what this beef's about. 
I know I don't have a right to question what's wrong. 
I'm not a fanatic but I do feel the aggression in your songs. 
You put it down on "Illmatic" your very first CD. 
Aside from the "Firm" and "Stillmatic" I have peeped the other three. 
Don't know if what you rap about is your insight or your life. 
Whatever the deal, this Jay-Z beef is kinda trife.
You must of loved this girl like she was special like material of a wife.
Dont buy into this I must rip JayZ or Im the underdawg. 
Did we learn a lesson from 'Pac and Biggie Smalls. 
What's this get yourself a gun?
KRS-1 said you must learn son!
You must be the miseducation that Lauryn spoke of'
You kick mad knowledge but for this you gets no luv!
As a hip hop fan I'm askin' you to squash the beef. 
Don't want to see a funeral goin' down QB's streets. 

Part (2) 

Dear Shawn Carter,

I mean Jiggaman,Hov,Jigga who, Jay-Z 
What's up with you man? and Nas what's with the beef? 
I'm not gonna chose sides I just want you to smoke this like a leaf.
It's not worth it, so what you screwed her,you said she's been with other rappas, man she's a whore 
Does that make you seem hardcore?
You gotta zero, when you gonna score.
Remebah' back in '95 and '96 so I don't want anymore. 
Keep fuckin around' aint gonna be no "holla at me when Im off tour"
Peeps say you just a street poet that tells good narratives 
I think you's a real ruffneck and they just hatas ya dig'
"Super Ugly" was funny as hell I won't front. 
Everything has it's place but not this beefs ugly face. 
You and Nas got money squash this shit! 
Just do your thing, promote Blueprint.
I aint even gon' front...neva bought a CD
but Im not always feelin what you sayin' but yeh it be movin me' 
I understand your walk of life'
Anyways jus ignore this' call it a nite'
I don't know who started all this hatin'. 
Don't want anybody shootin' outside the radiostation. 
Egoes gettin' involved like who's New York's king. 
Just remember if you're dead you can't reign supreme. 
I'm not tryin' to come to you as a hypocrit. 
Cuz I do get pissed when fools talk mad shit. 
Why you get with someone else's girl
It aint like she was the only one in the world'
So I try to avoid every situation possible. 
Don't wanna be in a morgue or a hospital. 
It's just words now but later it'll be gunplay. 
If y'all died people will pack funerals like church on Sundays. 

Part (3) 

The real enemy is the media who drags this on. 
Who'll be writin' your eulogies before long. 
It took too many years to get where you're at now. 
It takes nothin' but seconds to tear it all down. 
If word got y'all two to come with beef 
then these words should bring the peace. 
I'm not talkin' 'bout smilin' in each other's faces and handshakes. 
Or collabos wit each other, no, just awake
See love and life for goodness sake
Too many bruthas lost and on the waste side
Not sayin' you responsible for this but this is how we cry'
You two will probably read this and laugh. 
Afterall I'm just a female right, what I know about your azz? 
Its starting over again with Jermaine Dupri and Dr. Dre 
How foolish' can we be'
Not sayin you cant get mad but everybodys entitled to their own opinion
but there's only one true education'
just remember that when your doin' your thing'
Get my drift...know what I mean'
Unity is the beauty of it, understand? 
The people who want to see blood ain't your true fans. 
Like my nigga Common said' if you cant see the light'
There's no need to fight'