• CORNER: definition
    the angular
    part or space
    between meeting lines,
    edges, or borders
    near the vertex
    of the angle.

    VERTEX: definition
    the intersection
    of two endpoints,
    connection or
    togetherness as one.

    KANDI: definition
    but not limited to'
    5'4 .
    black italian mix.
    college junior.
    sista now
    in the
    dirty south.
    chosen one.
    open minded.
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 Thursday May 16,2002

3...2...1... Happy Birthday Janet..! --I can't explain it in a paragraph so Ima say' das my girl! We go way back like when albums replaced 8-tracks? a-tracks? I dunno what its actually called LOL whatever' you get my drift. Anyways much love to her! *smile*

Conversations. LaShae: (laughin) Mommy!!
Me: (hearin but not listenin) yeh? whatie?
LaShae: (laughin hysterically) guess what mommy??!
Me: (confused look on face) what?
LaShae: (still laughin) isnt it soo funny!!
Me: (slightly buggin' me but i have to give her her time still) what? what r u talkin about LaShae? Whats so funny?
LaShae: (still crackin up) my pee pee!
Me: Its not that funny LaShae, nothing is that funny
LaShae: yes it is mommy...when am I gonna get one like yours. I want a big girl one!
*anonymous laughter roaring from another stall*

Me: (tryna end this convo lol)  shhh...be quiet LaShae lol so we can get outta here.....
"Sorry...not the place for pee pee conversations"...

My life has been kinda joyous for the past couple of days...Im so glad summer has arrived. Im not so thrilled about how hot it will be here this summer. Glad= spring semester is over, moving on to new things, not working in the summer hehe. Im going to get my tan on this summer regardless of my will. The sun really beats down here in the south. I want to get my tan on'. I just lay out in the backyard in a bikini and bake lol. I dont like to look like patch work so I tan naked too ofcourse. Im not sure about alla that now that a man is in the house. I like to be that ol' yummy brownie color though. I've just checked online to view my grades for the Spring semester (January14th-May 7th). I passed everything but Im disappointed still. I aim to make straight A's. Not C's or B's. I talked to "you-know-who" the other day. I miss him. YO! I really do...but Im trying to close that chapter. We both have taken it to another level. The level of just chillin' and checkin on each other to see how life's treatin us. We try to be supportive of each other but we keep it real too. He would never tell me something to just make me smile and I wouldnt to him either. My sister has a new man. I hope the best for them. What I like about my sister is she won't forget she has a sister and friends and everything even though she's in a relationship. She's still down and everything. Although I miss it when its a girls' night/day out kinda thing without her lil' mannish friends involved but its all good still though. We still can get it crackin'. My step dad gets on my damn nerves. I cannot even stand being around him for a good 5 minutes! Cant wait to get away. That would be after I get my degree, when I can get my own place with my kids. I would ultimately want my mother to live with me as an extended family in the house. This would also mean she wouldnt have to work for those turkeys anymore because I would support her financially. She so deserves that break! I think it would be so resourceful for my kids too.

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