Wednesday May 15, 2002

Take Five

Got this from a friend and I thought I might give it a try. Enjoy!
These are not in any particular order but are honest answers.

Five things that you cant go without:
1. my mother
2. my true friends
3. my computer lol
4. my nice cozy bed and cozy room
5. my humor
Five basic things about me that most dont know:
1. I am very shy at times
2. I am soft-hearted
3. I am the nicest person in the world.
4. I am also very witty beyond people's farthest imagination.
5. I am sooooooo interested in God.
Five last things you recently actually laughed out loud about:
1. My silly (associate friend) cuz she's crazee funny.
2. Various black professional comedians.
3. Myself.
4. My mother tellin' me to stop smackin'...
5. My 5 yr old tryin to imitate me on purpose.
Five things you cried about in the past 12 months:
1. Umm....academic stress.
2. The lack of relationship I have with my mother.
3. The racism here in the dirty, dirty south.
4. The greatness of God...
5. When Oprah answered a question that Ive been longing to find the answer to about myself
Five things about my dad:
1. He's the smartest person I know.
2. He's also the coolest person I know.
3. He's the reason why I have this laidback, chillin' attitude ( I get it from him).
4. He treats me and my sister like a queen.
5. He's the best man Ive ever known.
Five things about my mom:
1. She works too hard and rest too little.
2. I think she is very broken-hearted.
3. She's always treating people the same which is good ideally but not realistically always.
4. She's a great people's person.
5. She was mad pretty growing up.
Five things about my family:
1. 3 words: respect, respect, respectful
2. My family is mad religious.
3. My father was the only teacher in my life.
4. My mother is she sun in our family.
5. We haven't all been together like the good ol' days of my young youth and I miss that.
Five things about me and love:
1. I love very hard.
2. I cant control it.
3. I think all types of love are important, not just romantic love.
4. I think self-love is the most important love of all.
5. I often give it more than I get it.
Five things about my life:
1. I am blessed.
2. Sometimes I hate my life.
3. More people judge it wrongly than truthfully.
4. I just want to do 2 things with my life love and education others.
5. I still wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's.
Five things about my true' friends:
1. My friends are scattered all over the place.
2. My friends and I have great stimulating conversations.
3. They are so down and there for me.
4. I consider my friends online as important as my friends offline.
5. My friends are funny as hell and make my day go easy (usually).
Five things you did to totally embarass yourself:
1. I let out a fart and my boss walks right up to me and starts talking and I just started crackin up and tried to move.
2. I was runnin inside a building at school cuz it was raining and I soon as I got inside, I slid for like 5 seconds and landed in the splits. Then some students started being sarcastic and clapping like it was a stunt act.
3. I was havin a bad hair day and this guy tries to holla at me.
4. I was dancing really silly and stupid on purpose and my sisters guy friend' walks in out of the blue and thinks Im serious. I was like dude really Im not retarded lol (so embarassing)
5. When I met Kobe Bryant and my voice sounded like Scooby-Doo cuz he was starin' all in my eyes n ish (for real) LOL I was like *thinkin* man dont be doin that!
Five things you love to wear:
1. cool cute girly jeans
2. cool cute girly blouses
3. carrying short nice hand bag purses
4. denium dresses,outfits
5. platform sandals
Five artist you are truly feeling musically & non-musically:
1. janet
2. Alicia Keys *tie* Aaliyah
3. Lauryn Hill *tie again* Maxwell
4. Digable Planets
5. Nas
Five lessons you learned in life so far:
1. Patience is greatly rewarded
2. Preparation+chance+dedication = success
3. A relationship with God is all you need
4. Only believe in God, but love people
5. Education is liberation.

|Kay|published 5.15.02 03:17 PM CST

Monday May 13, 2002

Mother's Day

Well. Yesterday was Mother's Day. I dont know if one really needs to wait 364 days to show appreciation for their mother. I do understand that you shouldnt let the day go by without showin' some special love on Mother's Day. My family doesnt celebrate it too much but all the women in my family do make sure they do a lil' somethin' somethin' for their mommy. My family had went to church like always on Sundays. We came home and had a big family dinner which we do every Sunday. Thats the only time we eat together at the same time. I did not have any money to get my Mother anything. She didnt even ask about it or mention it cuz she understands. I will get her something when I get my financial aid money for summer school at the end of the its all good. I had told my aunt (mother's sister) this on the phone and the day before Mother's Day I get this signed, sealed, delivered Mother's Day card from her for me, to give to my mom with money inside. Lord..knows my mother needs all the financial help she can get. She's payin like a majority of the bills plus helpin me out when she can with myself and my kids. My step dad? He makes more money than she do but he...he' Im at a loss of words but hes too sorry to do anything. He wont try to help my mom out with anything and if he asked her to jump? Shed prolly say "how high". For Real. Dont get it twisted, she got mad sense she jus be scared I think. Anyways...LONG STORY. We'll have to get into that later.

I did get some phone calls which was nice. Let's my darlin friend A' called me. I got a card from A' too and my sons father. H' called me and asked me to come over, but (as I didn't bother to explain to him) I don't "go over"- not when it comes to him. He could have asked me out, or to take me to a movie or dinner or drinks or lots of things, but he needn't bother asking me "over". No thanks. So instead I might go out to eat with my sister's good friend since she asked. She usually fits the bill for me when she ask anyway. She's so sweet and very cool and hilarious. She never lets me pay. We be almost about to go at it in public and then we end up laffin cuz we lookin like some fools with an uninvited audience, with us up there goin back n forth talkin all ghetto about who's goin to fit the bill. I dont want her to think Im depending on her. So I do nice things for her in return. We pay each other back eventually ya know. I cant let anyone do me favors all day and I sit in the shade loungin'. Anyhow, we had a nice lil long talk...not too deep but it was nice.

Then I headed home and fed my kids a late nite snack since they were poutin and claimin to be so hungry. Although there was only like a 4 hour interval between their last meal. I think my girls were hungry and my son will go along with them just to be interactive and doing something. He's such a team player I tell ya. THey both eagerly paraded for pepperoni pizza pockets, so I microwaved them up and served them with water. I dont like to give my kids much soda or even juice unless its "Oceanspray" . Those kiddy juices can be sooo sugarish and so heavily concentrated with artifical flavoring. I put them all to bed after that. They smelled so my victoria secrets liquid bath soap scent on them still..haha lol. I put their lil happy tails all to bed sigh... b4 I have to break out the rum lol jk .I gave each one of them a snug hug and kiss goodnite. My son goes Kani you kiss me eye'. He said as if I did something repulsive lol. I said boy I can kiss you. Then gets all serious and goes dont kiss my eye Kani. I was like yeh you betta put a lid on it and call it a nite man lol jk. He tries to call me by my name a lot for some reason. I dunno wassup with him and this man'ish attitude hes tryna possess but its going to have to come to an end soon. My lil pumpkins made my day extra nice. They were really cute about giving me my gift. They gave me a cute card with 3 lil adorable puppies on there and it read "We are so happy that we've made you the best mommy ever...Happy Mother's Day"

But-However besides turnin' down H's offer... I can't think of anyone whose company I'd enjoy more tonight. Although I have the worst headache right now. I guess I need to lay down for a minute. This past week has been full of being in other people's company, so spending today with just myself right now is SO quite refreshing. I love being with people, I do, but my heart is heavy right now- I have a lot on my mind- and being with too many people tends to make me lose focus. I am in the process of making some major decisions right now, and losing focus: is. just. not. an option.

|Kay| published 5.13.02 08:27 PM CST

By the are some new pictures of my lil pumpkins and their angel faces hehe. Somehow I cannot get these pictures to show up crystal clear as they look in the actual picture-sorry.

This is Armani,5 (her birthday is in July)

This is LaShae,3(her birthday is in October, dont ask me why shes lookin' down...she's had weirder moments)

This is Xavier,3 (his birthday is in May)