• CORNER: definition
    the angular
    part or space
    between meeting lines,
    edges, or borders
    near the vertex
    of the angle.

    VERTEX: definition
    the intersection
    of two endpoints,
    connection or
    togetherness as one.

    KANDI: definition
    but not limited to'
    5'4 .
    black italian mix.
    college junior.
    sista now
    in the
    dirty south.
    chosen one.
    open minded.
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May 10, 2002

"Drop your glasses, shake your asses..." It's about 3am Thursday night Friday morning. I am tired as hell and I'm sure if/when I laid down I'd pass straight out. But that's the problem, I'm scared that if I go to sleep I'll oversleep- and I can't let that happen. So we went to the club last night, and we got there mad early like 10pm. No one was there, but I swear all I did was blink and the place was packed. I gotta confess, having not been to young (18 and up) ghetto clubs in a minute, I really forgot how much of an ego-boost that thing can be. No disrespects to them cuz I have no real reason to anyways been there! done that...already. When we got there we were both glad we dressed down, jeans and cute lil simple shirt, because actually it was us that stood out over all the young guns and young hoochied-out sisters. (I'm not knockin' the dressing up, I do that time to time; but I ran into B and he did make a point to tell me that you know a woman really looks good when she looks good with jeans a white shirt and no make-up- he made me blush!) My God. Dude after dude swearing you are the most beautiful thing he's ever seen- some of them even sober. Sober. Hmm. Speaking of which- my very own sibling (sister) is so NOT sober. As I type she is passed out drunk on my couch downstairs. Poor thing. She is really a beautiful person and cool gal but she can toss it up sometimes. I? I dont really enjoy drinking to the point where I get drunk or even tipsy. Two drinks is plenty for this belly. My sista is always encouraing me to have 'one' drink to loosen me up some. She always tells me she dont try to get drunk, she's like it just creeps up on ya sometimes. I actually think someone may have slipped her something- 'cause I've never seen her like this and we each only had like 2-3 drinks and I am fine. Although she had the balls audacity to try this drink called Purple Muthaf'ka lol. I told her you throw that one back and your going to witness seeing your insides all over this place. Oh, but my pants are NOT fine. My brand new studded/jeweled jeans are in the washing machine cause she vomitted all over them. Poor me. I wish she had lasted a little longer, 'cause the night turned out lovely. I chilled in the VIP for a while with S, my sisters associate friend who is fine as L! get out and who (this is the funny part) I see at least 5x a year but always thinks it's the first time he's meeting me. Dude smoked too much weed when he was at California, for real. But all the weed in the world couldn't turn him ugly. My my. He's too busy concentrating on still being nothing more or less than a freakin friend. He already told me he wanted to spread whip cream all over me and eat him a sondae. Can you believe he told me that? How bold lol! I mean what did he expect me to say after that. "Oh yes bebe, take me now..." lmao I think...NOT! He really dont even know me. He's so freakin conceited that he thinks he can do and say anything. See thats where he loses my membership. I dont want to just have sex then "cya when I cya" bullshit. F! that mess man. I deserve and want more...if Im going to be sharing a very sacred part of me with you. All the cockyness has to go too...That ish aint cute. Its rather annoying. Like Aaliyah said, extraaaa...extraaa...extraaa' Said he wanna be' Said he tryna be...Girlfriend you hit it right on the *euro accent* head! But that was short-lived, I was bored, and I was done drinking, and I had to keep checking on my drunken'd sista. One weird thing that happened though was that when I was going to find the public restroom (YUCK! those are so gross) and some girls were in there talkin' about how so-and-so was givin them the eye and said they were cute and wanted to bone later,etc. They were happily engaging in this conversation too. Boy...way too many youngins' there. I felt too grown there. The crowd was like mostly 18-20 years old. We had no idea it was goin down like that until we got there. Then I ran into some ol' thuggy wannab white boy who tried to holla at me. And why was he all in my face but not saying nothing?! I guess he was tryin to be all thuggish and sh*t and let me know he like me. Psh whateva'...get the L outta my face man, I dont know you. I didnt say that but I thought it lol. I just looked at him like who are you?!! Then he gets right in my ear because the music is so loud that it has both our heads ringin...and says hey shorty whats your name mah'. I told him and he asked me to dance. I declined cuz it was too packed on the dance floor and I didnt feel like sweatin' and gettin all hulled out lookin so fast. I didnt really wanna dance with him either. For like a good 5 minutes he was tryin to hold a conversation with me but it was hard with the loud music and all the booty,titty and leg watching he was doing around the club. Not to mention, he walked away and pretended he accidently touched my rear but oh believe me, it wasnt no dang accident. I hate it when guys act so immature. I was so ready to be gone from that place. The club smelled like weed and funk-on-ya...cuz it was so small and too cramped in there. I literally could not walk one step without saying' CUSE ME,cuse..me! That was screwed anyway 'cause they said on the radio that the first 50 cats were free and I KNOW there weren't 50 people in there when we got there (yes they were pushing the limits of the firecode eventually- but not when WE got there!); plus the dudes working the door were so nasty towards me and my sister as we were leaving. Just had to ignore them. I didnt know that you only had to be 18 to get in I wouldn't even have gone. We thought we were goin' out with grown folks.

Oh well. I'm gonna go take a hot shower and finish watching Queens Of Comedy. Ive seen da Kangs' as Stevie Harvey puts it but I aint seen the Queens yet. Bernie Macs part was not funny though, I thought DL Hugley was the funniest. Hes hilarious always in stand up. Jaimee Fox should of took Bernie's spot. Hes off the hook in standup comedy aka his standup he did on HBO last Feb. 2002 had me dyin laffin joke by joke lol! I really need to go check on my lil' sleeping beauties again. My son is sleeping with his lil stuffed animal its a frog and he still manages to think its a doggy. Im going to cut it short and call it a nite soon...no time to 'get-away' and go online. Im dead tired. Ive been up on the move since 5:30am and its like 3:20am now. My poor sista, she's gotta work tomorrow. She didn't plan on spending the night with me and gettin wasted but at least she safe at home now and was out with me. Someone who is truly watching her back for the better. We had some great laughs on the way to the club tho'. That girl is so sarcastic and crazee (as in haha not insane now)...she cracks me up a lot. She's always clownin me infront of her friends...tryna make me look like the dumb one and the nerd as she calls me infront of them. I dont mind cuz I know shes jus messin wit me and it be funny...so we all laff about it. I really would like to ask her whats going on cuz she's been draggin her feet lately and kinda snappy too...like sometimes bothering her. So I offered the suggestion that we should go do something together. To release some steam in a good way and seize the day. She is really drunk tho'...she just went in her room and laid across the bed and is snoring. She aint even take a shower...or change clothes. She still has her shoes on too lol. Poor thing. She only snores when she has been drinkin' alot. Snoring is a breathing disorder actually. It has something to do with the improper flow of oxygen to the brain. I learned it in psychology class once. You know I have been in an awesome mood all day. Kinda outta the ordinary mood I hate to say. When I went to this nice grocery store I like to go to, the cashier there asked me if I ever stopped smiling- and I told him no, not when things are going as well as they are right now. He asked why are they going so well- and I just kept smiling. The reason I am feelin' so joyed is because I might get this scholarship Ive been so dyin' to get. Anyone remember watchin the Road Rules series where they were at sea on the boat?? Like back in 2000' I wanna say...I dont watch the show now. Its pretty much dead now a days. Well those college students on aboard' where all basically there thru a scholarship. Its a really unique and educating experience...to travel to different cultures around the world by a big cruise boat and get paid and wined' and dined' and get to do lectures on controversial issues facing different cultures...Only this time, MTV wont be present to film and document it and turn it into a television reality show. I would love to have the experience to meet up with some intelligent minds and share and exchange valuable knowledge. That is one of the many goals...on my itinerary.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

WTF...So I'm sitting here multitasking: doing laundry, cleaning out my email, making sense of my hair, waiting for him to call, and watching the Cosby Show reruns. Soon as commerical came, I flipped thru the channels to see if anything half way good was on the tv. I passed by the long aired game show based in Los Angeles, The Price Is Right. When they called down the first four players, the last thing I hear Rod Roddy call out is: Ecstasy Apple Shawonte Williams - come on down! All I could do was shake my head, I didn't even have to look up, you knew homegirl was a sister. Ecstasy? Apple? Shawonte? Um,I think her mama was smoking that stuff or somethin'?! lol That's right up there with the girl from my 9th grade Social Studies class, no lie, her name was: La'Na'Ta'tasha Qua'love Funderburk. That's not a typo, count 'em for yourself: three apostrophes in the first name. But ECSTASY?! Damn shame I tell ya, damn shame.
PS- Sorry to anyone out there named Ecstasy or La'Na'Ta'tasha- it's not your fault! But I just at this hospitals website to see my cousins new and first baby and I came across a new baby boy Homer Heche Boone Lafoon , which I think is even worse. HOW do you love your son and name him that?! I don't get it. But I'm glad to know occasionally white people fall off their rocker when it cames to naming babies too; I'm very relieved to know it's not just a black cultural phenomenon, bestowing outrageous names on a poor innocent beautiful angles- it oughta be a crime I tell ya. Nonetheless, I have ran into a lot of beautiful names in the black culture artistic choice of names. I was going to name my daughter a made up name. She was going to be called Dalvenisha but it got changed to Armani. I happen to think they both sounded very cute. I guess only a mother knows how and why to name their own child but...
- It gets even better! Ecstasy just spun the big wheel and said she wanted to say hello to her daughter back home, Birthday . Birthday?! She don' lost her damn mind and for your little girl? I know my understanding' is ocean thick but come on now! I love unique names but dont ova do it babes. I know common plain jane names are just not colorful enough (no offense to the plain jane party :) but STOP the MADNESS!!! Oops! Gotta cut this rant short- the phone just rang, and would you looky what I seeee on the caller-ideeee....mmhmm.

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