Dream a little dream...

    Ive often wondered about my dreams. I learned in my psychology class that dreams do holding a meaning, an interpretation of one's unconscious and subconscious thoughts. Unconscious thoughts are what we keep to ourselves, subconscious thoughts are like the thoughts we hold to ourselves but struggle in wanting to get these out but dont, conscious thoughts are the ones that do get out and the argument between these is called anxiety. I didnt realize how many disorders I might have until I took my psychology class lmfao. I aint crazy now, I dont care what you say. I got as much sense as Oprah got dollas now lmao. 

    I learned that dreams are symbolism of our feelings and thoughts. Ive always wondered about my dreams. Ive never been killed in my dreams but Ive been shot once in my dreams and had close moments of death which freaked me out. Ive been kinda had really tramatizing dreams from being molested as a kid by my step dad. Ive had dreams that dont even seem like dreams and Im not sure if I can classify them as dreams because they seem so realistic. I havent had one of those dreams in a long time thank goodness. I prayed about it. I would have dreams were I feel this force or pressure so-to-say against my neck if Im sleeping on my back or against my back if Im sleepin on my side. I struggle to open my eyes but I cant then when I finally do the force/pressure is gone. Ive also had it where...something touches me and I wake up and see a ghost right infront of my damn face. It scares the sh*t outta me. 

    It use to happen so much that I didnt get scared, I got mad. Then this ghostly figure was being perverted towards me or sometimes it would press against my back when I was sleeping on my side. I would try to turn over but it wouldnt let me. So sometimes I would recite Christianly things and I would feel the pressure even harder. My father said that nothing should put fear in my heart but God. Reason is, God can take you out in less than a second, a bullet can knock you down and a ghost can scare you but God can do anything, anything...any second if its his will. Fear him because in respect to his name you should never think he's less than anything. My dad was like if I saw a ghost, Id probably try to fight it. The talk we had' gave me strength to not be afraid no more. I neva seen it again or had the dream again like that in a long time.