I took time to go to the this black college greek steppin

Friday May 17, 2002

   "Hey New Yawka...psh"

     I took time to go to the this black college greek steppin' show with a friend of my sisters since she begged me to go so bad. She was like let's just go for like a lil' bit and then go grab a bite to eat.. The funny thing to me was, of all the people I saw from the black college greek show that I knew of from school (because I was neighbors with like 4 black sorority girls at my school apt (dorm) even tho they all moved out like 4 months ago and  we werent friends we seen each other go in and out and occasionally speak das it cuz I dont desire to be friends with my neighbors unless it oddly happens)- all but one said to "Hey girl wassup?" "How are the kiddies?" And my answer, over and over, was "yeh...fine". They were lookin at me like they were daring each other to speak to me in the first place. So by this time I was like eww whatever' *mental thought* speak to this will ya *birdy* because I heard one of them sarcastically say afterwards, "Ask her if she still suck d*ck to keep the lights on". Tryin' to take cheap shots at me because I am a mother of 3. I just gave them a scolding and I was like who she talkin' tho *ghettoness ready to launch* I was like b!tch please...I know you aint tryna talk about nobody with...(I aint even gonna go there). 

     Then I ran into K'. Who I knew I might run into because I seen him on stage hostin the show. Its been awhile since I've seen or heard from him, but everyone still feels the need to fill me in on him and his activities. (Everyone= his sister and his cuzin' who both worked in the bookstore at my school) I wonder do they do the same for him of me... I had almost managed to get him out of my mind but he spoke to me on the way out. I hadn't seen him before he spoke, and when he did all he said was "Hey New Yawka" with that damned smile of his; I might have managed to say "Hi" back if his smile didnt say it for me. Geez' he got a kool-aid smile for days.. K' is the type of guy who's totally out of my league... Allow me to elaborate *clearin throat* Top 5% of his class with having an above 4.0GPA, totally athletic and loves all sports, he was all tryin to be Im the best (attitude), likes nothing but white women but he claims mixed girls are fine too.

(Uhh...okay Mr. I can give up the ham, red meat, pork, sistas but not the white woman) I mean you aint gotta put all the sistas in the world down because you had a bad experience or two. He said really disturbing things about black people like he's insecure,lost and misguided. We had a good discussion, you know me I had to lay it on him, the knowledge. Im not sure if he was listening but I said everything I needed to say because cya latah alligata lol. Then he had the nerve to tell me that my mother is thought of as a whore. He goes all white women who get with black men are considered whores. I said wait a minute NOW, are you tryna....say...my mothers a whore? He goes OH GAWD NO, Im just saying. I said oh this is one of your bias statements again. I said first of all my mother is not white and she's definitely not no damn whore. Then he goes your really white since your fathers white. I said look here buddy, I am of both races just as a black person maybe. I dont know of any solid black people besides the ones in Africa. Another thing, listen closely...when you get your mind right'...come again. Then I think that T'ed him off because he shut up for a longtime then said he left. He was just shootin' up all kinds of smoke signals that he was oh so not my prince. Besides sayin' hey New Yawka das all he said as he kept walking. Not that I wanted him to stop...but I jus said "O...hey!" So he got the hint I guess. And  oh! gawd..this boy bragged so much I got intoxicated by hearin it and its significance to him and in my life has very little to do with me ever liking him anymore.

    I was with my sista's friend (okay her name is A' so I dont have to repeat "susssterrr's friend"). A' is like a surface friend I guess one could say. We dont go "deep" but she's cool though, very funny I might add. Not sayin' she cant be a deep friend but its cool as is. A' has this obsession with athletic black frat guys right? We went over her friends house where he shared his place with 3 other frat guys and one of them happens to be K, yes. None of them acted like K, though. They were way cooler. A' and her friend left somewhere to who know's where, prolly goosin into the nite and leaving me there with K,sigh (nah jk! she aint loosy goosy like that I dont think?) Eh, anyway. It was nearing midnite and K invited me upstairs in this house and we all alone in it! So we walk upstairs and here he goes again with that darn braggin'...tellin me about everything in his room and how he earned this and that. *mental though* when you gonna shut up man. So he turns on some rap music and tries to get me to dance with him. (This is like my 3rd time seeing him in my life right and talkin to him for less than 30 minutes each of those 2 previous times).

    I was sittin in this chair by his computer and he forces me to get up and Im like please stop! stop...so he tries to wrestle me and Im like wait one  minute there sucka! I am too hip to this game, you want me to hit you, so then we play fight, and end up in your bed...e-yeh whatever man! He was like damn why you such a stiff neck?! I guess he was hintin' out why dont you flirt with me!! I just said I cant dance man (even though I can dance when I want to). Then he pushes me on his bed anyway and laughs. Im all light weight so I go flyin onto his bed like a pair of gym shorts lol (so embarassing). So he just crashes on top of me and Im like geeet off right now. So he does and turns the music off and goes man I was just playin wit you girl. I said *sarcastic voice* O..is dat right. Then he wants to go downstairs since that card has been flipped to No. Soon as we get downstairs I think he was setting me up for my ultimate punishment. He let his 3 rottweilder (mispelled?) dogs into the house. Soon as they seen a blur of my face from around that corner...they were like..ERR... RUFF !!!!!!RUFF !!!!!!RUFF!!!!!! lol etc etc...I screamed for my dear life as they ran to capture them a 4 piece dinner of my legs and limbs. K' was dyin laughin on the floor, I swear his face turned apple red from his light complexion and so did mine as I was scared for my dear life. I ran and jumped on top of his kitchen counter as his 3 dogs surrounded me and tries to jump up on the counter. I was so frightened! Oh my gosh...no joke. I started cryin' I sure did because one of them had my shoe in its mouth and I tried to kick it away. Then he saw me cryin and came to get the dogs and put them back in the backyard. I said man, thats it...take me home! I didnt say nuttin for awhile, neither did he, I just had this I hate you look on my face. Then he goes aint your girl takin you home I mean she brought you here. I just said dont say another word to me puh leeze. Then his other roomie strolled in and noticed the tension. I walked outside. I guess he relayed the story to his friend. His friend came outside to talk to me. I explained to him that he doesnt have the maturity yet to know how to treat his lady company. His friend was like he just like to clown a lot but he's not a bad person. I was like yada, yada, yada...take up for him if you want to. Right now, I hate his guts and I wanna go home. Then he goes I will take you home if you want. So he takes me home...and when he drops me off, he tried to get my number. I was like*thinkin* sigh...Id be damned if I was to have a reason to go back to that house again.So he aint get it. I did ask him to please tell A' Im home safely and I will catch up with her later or something...Whew, I was so happy to see my house...