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CORNER definition-the angular part or space between meeting lines, edges, or borders near the vertex of the angle
VERTEX definition-the intersection of two endpoints, connection or togetherness as one
KANDI definition, all but not limited to'.female. 21. 5'4 . black italian mix. college junior. mother. conscious. daughter. liberalist. sista now in the dirty, dirty south. teacher. poet. student. chosen one. ambitionist. compassionate. sensitive. individual. intellectual. gentle. open minded. kind. unique. urban. benevolent. humorous. spiritual. thinker. affectionate. lover. listener. observer. leader. fighter.
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:: 5.13.2002 ::

Monday, May 13, 2002

"Please go here for now (http://www.angelfire.com/art/corners/index.html), Sorry...I am havin' difficulty gettin my pics to come through on here..."

:: Kay . 12:31:24 AM [+] ::

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