Yo! Ive never been in love before...especially when the guy is in love with you also. Not to mention, he's extremely cool, sweet, gentle,respectful to women,great listener, individualistic and so funny (also my sons father). I love his challenge...its pleasant and interesting, not stressful. He makes me think' intellectually and I make him think' intellectually...and I love that. We keep each other on our feet like that, its complimenting. We are no longer an item but we are still good friends. We have known each other for quite some time...cuz he's tight with my dad. There was a long drama story' once my family found out about us but everything is for the better now is all i can say...and we all want that. I havent had a good phone convo with him in awhile. Not that we had one the other day but just to hear his voice was very refreshing and when have a nice convo its so soothing! He has a nice voice...very manly (but not deep but manly) and calm. We didnt get to talk long because he was headin out to the studio to record. Him and my dad and their close friends have had a rock band off and on for years. They do metal and alternative. He told me its more of a hobby than anything but theyd love to take it farther if all possible. He's so versatile...he loves metal like Ozzy Osborne and alternative like but will go to spanish clubs and black clubs a lot. I feel sorry for him in that he lost his job due to the attacks in NYC. He had a computer programming job in midtown Manhattan but they company let people go cuz they were struggling so much with the effects of the attacks. Its been really stressful on him being unemployed and he's also lookin for a relationship but he aint forcing one if its not there. He has sent out mad resumes but no responses. I feel bad for him. I really would love for him to be in a relationship and be happy. His standards are pretty much up there...not to sound modest but I think I had a tid bit to do with that as...he has raised my standards too. He loves spanish and black women. His parents got mad beef with that. They are a classic italian family in New York. You know what Im sayin'..yeh. He has told they have said some mean things to him growing up and hes still dealing with that. I cant say get over it cuz I aint in his shoes but I did tell him once that "freedom is forgiveness"-Oprah. His loving is off the hook too...lol! It doesnt matter what we do...its the feeling behind it. There's a meaning when we have sex. He even told me that its not like hes like...ohh look at her azz, look at her blah blah blah..now Im going to get off. He said its more like this is my woman and Im going to make love to her. Making love does not mean doing it slow, missionary style lol. Making love is a moment...its a feeling not a position. He has a nice size man body too that definitely doesnt hurt lol. I mean its not all skinny minny' or bulky big...jus right actually. Something like Tom Cruise or Eddie Murphy (lol@me sayin Eddie Murphy). He's even cried infront of me...so I knew we had a real connection from that too. How many guys cry infront of females unless its real dramatic or they dont mind cuz they love you. I had spoke on something that happen to me before and he started tearing up. I wasnt even crying'...I wish him the best though. I want him to be happy and find him the woman he wants. I aint even gonna front its a good thing we are far away so we can move on with our lives. Also if I seen him with another girl as his "girlfriend/woman" I might be a little jealous at first but it will just take time like it's taking time for me to get over him and for him to get over me.