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 History   Read about how Savage Garden came about.                
  Bio's Facts about the Boys. Darren's Bio   Daniel's Bio          
Picture Gallery   Pictures of the band.   Savage Garden (Group) Darren Hayes    Daniel Jones  CD Covers Video Stills *  Darren Hayes Solo    Fan Pics    
 Discography  Coming Soon!                
 Lyrics to album 1 & 2 and b-sides plus quitar tabs.


Guitar Tabs  

 Achievements  A time line of Savage Garden Awards and Achievements.                
BBS Posts  Coming Soon!                
The Split In this section you can find out all aboutwhat happenined invloving their brake up and what they're up to now!  About the Split  After Savage Garden  Darrens Solo Career   Aneiki        
 Fan Section  In this section fans can submit and view art work, reviews, bios, and pics of themselves with the band.                
In this section there will be polls, quizes and other interactive things to do with Savage Garden.  Darren Hayes Solo (Pics)  Spin Lyrics Journal Entries     Interview      

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