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Hello hello! Welcome to CharGen Sculptures. What is it? Well, it's a chance to have your RPG character hand sculpted in polymer clay. Role-playing characters, tokens, gifts, original concepts...all can be done. The polymer clay is rather fragile, but absolutely wonderful when it comes to detail and color. Eyes can be done in either smooth colored glass or rhine stones. These sculptures can be created in a variety of sizes. Note that the figurines may, on request, be sculpted to fit hex or square maps...wonderful for plotting out battles for either PCs or NPCs. For a small extra fee, a coating of irridescence can be added in red, orange, violet, blue, green, or gold to the sculpture, in part or in whole. Jewelry or a large, central gem may also be added for an extra fee. Coats of solid metalic silver, gold, and bronze may be applied for NO additional fee...they just make weaponry, etc. look more realistic. By jewelry I mean a character's jewelry, done in beads and rhine stones set in the clay.

So what can be sculpted?
Well, my specialty is fantasy, monsters, etc. Dragons, fairies, elves, unicorns, griffins, bizarre creatures of your own creation...that sort of thing. You know, the kind of thing you'd find in AD&D, Changeling, Earthdawn, or some such. I /do/ do humans and humanoids, of course. Science fiction? Well, it depends. I can do cyberpunk like Shadowrun, Vampire, Rifts...that sort of theme. Full fledged sci fi, though? Well, you'll have to give me details, and I may require clarification.

So how does this work?
My email is at the bottom of this page. What you need to send me is a thorough discription (at least a paragraph) of the character, if you want it in any particular pose, what you want with it, and it's size. To see the sizes available, see the chart below. These are based on the longest side, either horizontally or vertically. So, say, a three inch long horse or a three inch tall person. If you got the idea from some where, send me the reference if it's how you envisioned it. Two things, though: I do not sculpt copywritten works. Secondly, it may take time to sculpt. All good works of art take time to be their best! Better a good job than a shoddy one, after all. Also, I am a student. I must have a life outside of this, so I can't get bogged down. Beyond that, though, enjoy! Feel free to email me with questions!
-Robin much will it cost?
The eternal question, neh? Consult the chart below. Add $4.00 for shipping and handling, plus cost for postal insurance. I will email you with the total (detailing where all the costs came from, of course). I accept checks, money orders, Paypal, and Bidpay.

1 Inch$15
2 Inches$20
3 Inches$25
4 inches$30

SpecialExtra Cost
Large Gem+$5
Small Gems+$3
Green Glass Base (1 inch only)+$2

So what do my sculptures look like? Take a look at my gallery:

What's the first step?
Email me!