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Cartoon Doll Christmas Background Set

Welcome to this set! I started making this several weeks ago
when I was making a website to spoil my secret sister.
I never finished it until now. It is a very simple
set, but I think it's nice if you want to make a Christmas page that's
not like most pages. Use it if you want :)
All I ask is a link back to this website. Okay, I used OldChristmas font
to make the buttons. As you can see, it's a gradient.
The dark red is #800000 and the lighter red is #C00000, both very basic colors
that should be available in all graphic programs. If you need more buttons,
feel free to ask me. I'll gladly make them for you! If you would like to
have the set with sharper colors, I can send you the set in .GIF format.

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