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Welcome to Chantal's Backgrounds! I am very pleased to see you here. On this website you will find my background sets and a variety of quilts. There is plenty to see so grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy! Suggestions for new sets are always welcome. E-mail me with your idea!

I really hate this part but I think I should have some rules and regulations. Because I want everybody to feel comfortable using my creations. Please make sure you agree with these terms before you download the sets. Thanks!


* Do not use my background sets on non-childsafe websites

* Do not add my sets to other collections claiming them to be your own. Always give credit where credit is due! When using my sets, always take the logo and link it to

* Don't alter the sets in any way. That includes resizing buttons and combining different sets. You may, however, use the blank buttons to make custom buttons, but please try to make them look the same as the original buttons.

* Last but not least: have fun!

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fairydtrekkie got their NeoPet at

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Chantal's Background Sets

* = left side border ** = triple layer

Thank you for visiting! Please do come back soon! And don't forget to sign my guestbook on your way out :) It allows all HTML tags.

I also have a Spirit book, but I'm not sure if it's online yet.

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Suggestions? Comments? Please e-mail me!

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