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Photo Gallery: Romania


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Arcul de Triumf (The Triumphal Arch) in Bucuresti, December 1996, with floral wreaths marking the inauguration of the new President and Prime Minister. It was such a time of hope for rejuvenating this ravaged country. (Dec 1996)


Parliamentul (The Parliament) in Bucuresti. Nicolae Ceaucescu orignally -- and ironically -- called this "The Peoples' Palace." He demolished acres of beautiful historic neighbourhoods to construct this immense shrine to his demented ego. Fortunately, he and his lunatic (and despised) wife Elena were executed before the building was completed; once inside, they would have had an impenetrable fortress. It is even uglier in person than it looks here, and it is really huge: about the size of the Pentagon building outside Washington D.C. We refer to it as "The Monster." (Jun/July 1998)



A more pleasant view along the Dambovita River. (Jun/July 1998)


The Choral Temple, above left, the Russian Church, left, and Stavropoleos Church, below left, in the historic old city. All are undergoing renovations; like most houses of worship in Romania, these were neglected during the communist years. In front of the Temple is a modern monument to the victims of the Shoah. (Jun/July 1998)



An archaeological dig at Curtea Veche, the earliest known district of Bucuresti. (Jun/July 1998)


Nearby is Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc's Inn), a popular tourist destination. This courtyard is a delightful place to sip some excellent Romanian wine :-). (Jun/July 1998)



During the Christmas 1989 revolution, protestors cut out the socialist insignia from the center of their flag ... and from their hearts and souls as well.
Photo: Bettman Archive

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