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*** This whole web-site is under construction. It was created on March 19th, 2001.***




Welcome to Marijuana Information, a web site that provides everything you need to know about marijuana.  Want to know about marijuana?  You've come to the right place.  There are many web sites out there that provide info. about marijuana, and I guess you could say that this is just another one of them.  But what we want to do is gather the best information out there about marijuana, and put it all onto one page.  


     For instance, say you wanted to find out if marijuana is addictive or not.  If you do a search, you will find that there are basically two answers: yes and no.  One answer comes from the prohibitionists, those that claim marijuana is evil and dangerous.  The other answer comes from marijuana supporters, who believe that marijuana is not evil or dangerous.  


     So who do you believe?  That's where this site comes in handy.  We will explain who is right, and why they are right.  Be warned: in most cases, the facts from those who support marijuana are correct.  Usually it is the claims made by the anti-marijuana supporters that are untrue or misleading.  More information as to why they are usually wrong can also be found in this website.  


     This site will also go into detail about: marijuana information, myths, facts, what prohibitionists have to say, why they are saying it, the history of marijuana, marijuana laws, the war on drugs, activism, how marijuana effects you, and other topics that have to do with cannabis.  


     Follow the links below to view the various topics discussed throughout this web page.  Or, you can use the handy links to the left to navigate around this site.   All sections are not complete yet, but they are continuously being updated to.  Update information can be found at the top-right of this page.  Please read the disclaimer before going any deeper into this web site.  Thanks for visiting!

General Information - Don't know a thing about marijuana?  You've come to the right place.  Sections include: basic marijuana information, how marijuana works, glossary of marijuana-related words, more to come...  (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Myths - Prohibitionists and marijuana smokers have both used myths when defending their arguments.  Sections include: the myths, their origin and history, why they were created, who uses them, more to come... (INCOMPLETE)

Facts - The truth about marijuana.  No misleading or untrue information will be found here.  Sections include: the facts, why they aren't widely known, further research, sources, more to come... (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Anti-Marijuana - This page deals with all of the negative issues surrounding marijuana, which are commonly used by many prohibitionists.  Sections include: what the prohibitionists have to say, why they are saying it, bending the truth, more to come... (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Activism - There are people out there defending marijuana.  Want to know how you can help?  Sections include: what's being done, who's getting active, how you can help, more to come... (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Miscellaneous - All of these topics aren't what you're looking for? Chances are you'll find it in here.  Sections include: more to come... (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Links - This web site is continually growing, but as of now, we don't have ALL the information.  Even if we did, these marijuana links are fun and educational.  Links are all categorized. (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

AboutInformation concerning the creator of this site, why it was created, and contact info.

Glossary - Found a marijuana-related word that you don't know the meaning to?  Look it up in here.  Also, there's an AKA list, which lists the many other words that marijuana can be called. (NOT ACCESSIBLE YET)

Disclaimer - Wouldn't want to get into trouble.  This is all the legal stuff.

Letter To MPLet your MP (in Canada only) know that you want marijuana legalized!


Many topics are going to be discussed here, it's just that I do not have a lot of time to work on this web site.  If you can't find the info. that you are looking for here, please visit the following websites: - Plenty of information about cannabis, the war on drugs, etc. - Straight out of Canada. Features a huge cannabis forum. - Fighting for the legalization of marijuana. You can help them out. - A lot of  good links to other people's marijuana homepages.




Ottawa must change the laws prohibiting marijuana possession in Canada by July 31st, 2001.


A lot of news coverage lately concerning medical marijuana laws in Canada.  Now is the time to support marijuana.



April 8 - One myth added.  This whole web site was deleted, had to make a new one at this new angelfire address.


April 2 -  Main page layout changed, still working on it.


April 1 -  Marijuana Myths page created, 2 new myths added.






In 1996, there were a total of 9,794,149 arrests in the US reported  to the FBI, and 7,600,241 arrestees. Of these, 66.6%  
(5.01 million people) were drug users. 



In 1999, 26.7 million Americans aged 12 or over 
used an illicit
drug. Of these, 19.1 million are White, 3.3 million are
Black, and 2.6


million are












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