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Due to numerous requests, all fanfiction covers are linked to their stories. Also note that some of these stories may not yet be completed.
Please read the discalimers prior to reading the stories.


1st April... Only two items uploaded. The first is the title graphic for episode thirteen in the Season Seven Virtual SUBTEXT Season which has recently aired. This episode is called Picture Perfect. Secondly is another tribute graphic of Kevin Smith Kevin Smith

24th March... Still having problems with Angelfire so don't be concerned it you find yourselves at Fortunecity *smile*. Here's a quick update for you. The first new cover is a Civil War epic called Words Heard In Silence by T.Novan and Taylor Rickard The second is Caution: Under Construction by Vertigo

12th March...Had a few problems with the site. The bandwith exceeded and I was starting to run of room. *smile*. These graphics take up alot of space, anyway hopefully things are working okay. If you do experience any problems eg: broken links etc; just yell. Sorry for the long time between updates, but I've been busy - same old news. I do have two new covers for you. These are A Year In Paris by Malaurie Barber and The Brass Ring by Mavis Applewater.

18th Febuary...I was asked if I could do a graphic of Kevin for the New Xenaland Club and it's members (which I am a member). I was very pleased to be asked to do this and I found that it was a very difficult graphic to do. This was a sad time for me. I hope that in some way I have caught the essence of the man who has been so tragically taken from us. This graphic is my small contribution and tribute to Kevin *Ares* Smith.

KEVIN TOD SMITH 1963 - 2002

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16th Febuary.....This is a very sad day indeed. Kevin Smith is a great loss. He was a family man, a talented man and a great comedian. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.
I have had a very busy time lately and real life has kept me very occupied. I was also off-line for a few days while away on holiday, but finally an update. The first are two new title graphics for the Season Seven Virtual SUBTEXT Season. Episode Nine is Sin's Of The Father. and Episode Eleven is Crossroads Here are two two new fanfiction covers. The first is What's A Bard To Do? by Nickie and then for the further adventures of Jan & Mel The Grecian Affair by ArdenTly. Last year, I did a little graphic (just playing around) and only found it the other day. Seemed to be a waste sitting om my harddrive so I decided to put it amongst the Montages (haven't done one of these for ages) This little graphic of two very popular characters of Melissa Good's and it was only done for fun Having Fun. Enjoy.

19th January .....I have uploaded the most recent Season Seven Virtual SUBTEXT Title graphic which has now been aired. This is Divided We Fall Also a new fanfic cover, this however is webgraphic size therefore the cover and story can be view either via the Graphics main page (#4) or at the FFcovers main gallery (#12). The webgraphic and cover is for Mrs. Capaldi's New Girl by Lizzy Tendre This is based on the TV series 'The Division"

9th January .....So much for my holiday *smile* The weather here has been really terrible, so I have had plenty of time for another two covers. I'm back at work next week and the updates will slow down abit. The first cover is an Uber called Hesed by Mayt. The second is a X:WP cover called The Conqueror's Harvest by ArdentTly. I hope you like them.

2nd January 2002......I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year.
During the holidays I have been busy doing some graphics trying to catch up with all the requests. I have also finished two more title graphics for the Virtual SUBTEXT Season Seven and I will update these once the episodes have been aired. So at present all I have are three covers and a wallpaper for you. Firstly the wallpaper. This is of Barbra Streisand from her recent TV special shown here in New Zealand called Timeless. The first cover is not X:WP. This cover is for a story about Ann Bounty The Curse by Anita Louise Next is X:WP (set around Season two) called A Child Of Hope by Ashley Jenkins. and last but not least is a Uber A View To A Kiss by Barbara Davies.

22rd December..... My Christmas wishes to everyone. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year.
Only one new update I'm afraid but I hope you all like it. This cover is a sequel to Private Dancer called Reece's Faith by Vertigo

8th December......The first update was a request for a general cover that would depict the characters of Missy Good's Dar and Kerry. So I have put this together Dar and Kerry. The second request was for a cover using the wallpaper I did recently called 'Stormy Weather'. This wasn't a problem *smile*. Here is A Symphony of Life by Doc Next are the two Title Graphic's that I have done (so far) for Virtual Subtext Season Seven. The first is Episode 2 - A Friend Indeed and the second is for Episode 6 - War's Children

23rd November....My apologies for the delays between updates but I am still extremely busy and finding some free time is not easy. I have managed to get a cover done and again I apprieciate everyone's patience.
This cover is for a X:WP story called Zaar's Song by Katharsis9. I also have a wallpaper update. I am not a big fan of 'FIN' (at all) and may never watch the final episodes again but I do think Xena looks pretty cool as a Samurai Warrior. Samurai Warrior Princess.

4st November....Only one update as life has been really hectic and my time has been very limited. At present I am working on some RAP bookcovers and they must take priority.
I had a very nice surprise the other day and have been invited to be on the team for the Lucy Lawless Fan magazine called 'Lucy In The Sky'. This fanzine (as it's called) is published by Mike Ericksson mainly for Xena/Lucy fans in Sweden. The fanzine also consists of articles in English (which is good) as Mike is doing a two page spread on my work and some of the covers and wallpapers will be shown. Nine covers have been selected so far and will be in the third fanzine printed. This will be available in Feb/March 2002. Mike was also kind to present me with my second award so the awards link is back up and running. You can access 'Lucy In The Sky' from the banner below and also the links page.
Here is the new cover. This is for a X:WP Empress, Warrior, Woman by TN.Novan and Murphy. Enjoy.

Click here to go to Lucy In The Sky

21st October.... Just a quickee (smile). I had a request to make the webgraphic for the story by Lizzy Tendre 'Endure' as a wallpaper, so without further ado and with many thanks to Lizzy, here is a larger version of 'Endure'

18th October....One new cover, a webgraphic and a new link to a Virtual Subtext Season Seven site.
The cover is for a Uber called Blue Fire by C.E.Gray The webgraphic is for Endure by Lizzy Tendre. Some very talented people have started a Virtual SUBTEXT Season Seven and I was pleased to be asked to be part of this team and help contribute towards some of the title graphics. I have updated the links page and also added the link and a banner here.
Virtual SUBTEXT Season Seven

7th October....Just added two more Uber covers with the first being 'Into The Dark' by Sharon Smith and the second is for 'Home' by DS Bauden

1st October....I've had a few days off work so I made some time to do another couple of covers. The first is a Uber called 'Private Dancer' by Vertigo and the second is a X:WP for 'A Matter Of Pride' by Missy Good.

24th September..... Two new covers. The first is a X:WP cover for 'Fixing A Betrayal (Fin)' by Silence and the second is a sequel cover to the Uber "Home Fires" (Mel & Janice) called 'Slow Burn' by Roo.

14th September....Early Wednesday (NZ time) tragedy struck in New York and Washington DC and I want to extend to you all who have been touched by this terrible act of violence my deepest sympathy and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I thought maybe an update was inappropriate at this time but a friend of mine said to me "One thing I think all the artists and authors should post as often as possible to bring some relief from the horror". So without further ado here is a cover for Considerable Appeal by KM.and also two new wallpapers. The first is called Gray Matter and the second is Destroyer Of Nations.

29nd August....I have had some time lately and have finished two more covers. The first is for a Uber called First by Kim (KP) Pritekel and the second is a cover related to the Buffy/Angel TV series called Out Of The Frying Pan by Moebius

22nd August....Two new wallpapers for you. The first is of Melissa Etheridge from her concert in Washington DC on the 7th August 2001. Melissa E.The wonderful photos are courtesy of Lida Verner whom I thank very much for allowing me to cut and paste (smile). The second is called Stormy Weather.

12th August....Had some extra time up my sleeve so I managed to get some more done (smile). Two new fanfic covers. The first is a Conqueror's tale called The Fall by C. Paradee. and the second is A Thousand Points Of Light by Blitzgal I also have added a new wallpaper and I would like to thank Kathy for permission to use some of her great photos she took of Lucy at the Pasadena Con on the 6th May 2001. Lucy Pasadena 2001. Last but not least is a new cover for In Contention by Barbara Davies. I was not happy with the the original cover so I decided to do another (smile)

7th August....Two new covers...The first is a Uber called Just One Of Those Things by Mavis Applewater. The second is XWP called Conquered by Leslie Ann Miller.

23nd July....As you all are probably aware, Xoom/NBCi was closing access to member pages by the end of July. Well I did try to upload last night but it looks like it's shut is doors to me already, so I have re-directed my to go directly to Angelfire.
Now for the updates... I have added a banner from ForevaXena for a new contest being held for charity in honour of Renee & Steve. If you would like to know more, just click on the banner above. I have also added a new link to the Virtual Season Seven site where the series will continue ;o). Last but not least are two new fanfic covers. The first is not XWP related but set in Rome 300 AD, this cover is for 'A Legend Rebord' by Miri and the second is an XWP UBER called 'MVP' by C.E.Gray. Again I apprieciate everyone patience.

8th July....Well it's been a while since I have had time to do a cover ;o( and I apprieciate the patience from all of you who have requested covers. Real-life plus other work priorities have dictated, however I have managed to do one cover at least, so with out further ado here is A Place Called Home by Damnation.

26th June....Well a week has passed since the dramatic ending to XWP and I am saddend by the way TPTB decided to end it after six wonderful years but Xena & Gabrielle will continue on in their adventures through the stories written by the bards. This site will stay and I will continue to do requests for fanfiction covers as long as they are still wanted. I have heard that NCBi will be shutting down some services soon and Im not sure how much longer I will be able to upload to this site...I do however have a mirror site which is up and running Calli's Creations and I suggest you bookmark that site soon just in case.
Now for the two new covers which I have just finished. The first is for a short story about Ares and Xena called Letting Go by Sarah Miller and the second is a Uber called Deep Cover by C. Paradee. BATTLE ON.

13th June....Two new covers. The first is called Broken Soul by Dream On This story is not on online at present but I will advising when it is. The second is a Conqueror cover for Soul Searching by T. Novan and Advocate.

4th June....Two webgraphics have been added Fan Law Graphic / TN Graphic and I have also added two new wallpapers. The first is Cosmical and the second is from the episode When Fates Collide of Empress Xena SPQR.

28th May.....A new wallpaper has been added. Judith Kuwatch kindly gave me permission to play around with some of her wonderful photos she took of Renee at the Pasadena Con on the 6th May 2001. ROC Pasadena 2001.

20th May.....I haven't had alot of time lately so only two covers this time. The first is a Hercules and Ares cover called Blue Angel by Drakkar this story is not on line yet but I will advise when it becomes available. The other is a Uber called First Light by Emily Duncan

7th May.....Added two new webgraphics for the Beyond Uber webpage PalmPilot and UberGraphic

30th April.....The latest update is a poster/cover for Seven Days In Pompeii by DJWP.

21th April.....Three updates today. The first is a XWP cover called Beyond and Forever by Pallas the second is a medical Uber called The Fellowship by K. Darblyne and the third is a Uber called Lost Friends by Michelle Galea

15th April.....Sorry for the delay in updating but I've been busy and not had alot of time lately, therefore only one new cover today. This is for a Uber western called Under A Colorado Sky by PatsBard.

7th April......Here is a request for a Doctor Who cover which is from the 1967 TV series with Patrick Troughton as 'The Doctor' called Connections by Shahn-Ryan Schumacher I have also finished another wallpaper, this one is from one of my favorite episodes Adventures in the Sin Trade

2nd April.......The first fanfic cover is not XWP but Star Trek Voyager. I hope you like Just Between by G.L. Dartt and the second is Xena.....this is Gumboots For Hire by Lariel
I have also added a new link to the links page to include Honey's Fanfic Music Page. Enjoy.

25th March......Two new covers. The first is The Western Chronicles by B.L.Miller and Vada Foster the other is Cold by Midgit .... The framed photo that I put together for the fanfiction cover, is linked via the cover Cold (black & white)
I have also included a new addie to the links page. A friend of mine has taken some wonderful pictures of Antarctica and the South Island of New Zealand. Check out Christchurch which is the largest city in the South Island and my home town.

12th March ........ Sorry it's been awhile since the last update but had some other things to attend to (smile).
This update includes a fanfiction cover for Paradise Found by Cruise and Stoley and another wallpaper of Gabrielle from Who's Gurkhan.

25th Febuary ........ Two new Uber covers. The first is 'Sergeant Of The Heart' by C.E.Gray and the second is 'Madam President' by T.Novan and Advocate I have also finished a wallpaper request for 'The Dance' from Heart Of Darkness

14th Febuary ........ Two covers added. The first is a Uber cover for Losing It by J. Obra. Lucy has short hair again ;o) and the other is a XWP cover for 'Unfinished Business' by Doc

7th Febuary ........ Two updates today. The first being a cover called Gabrielle's Journals by Murphy and then a montage request for The Bitter Suite but with a difference....this is of the Evil Xena and the Evil Gabrielle.

3rd Febuary ........This latest update is a Uber cover for 'Conspiracy Of Swords' by Shadowriter

28th January ........Two new covers completed. The first is a XWP cover called 'Goodbye Ulysses' by Chiquitina This story has yet to be posted but I will let you know when the cover is linked.
The other is a 'Dr Who' cover called Dr Who: The New Legend -'Hope Born Anew' by Shahn-Ryan Schumacher Also I have added another webgraphic, this one is for Blitzgal's Wallpaper Madness'

21st January ........Firstly just to let you know that I'm working as fast as I can with the requests and I hope that you can continue to be patient with me.
Righty new fanfiction cover has just been added. This is an Uber called 'Finding My Way' by Mavis Applewater. and a new wallpaper which has been named Egypt.

17th January 2001....A new cover at long last (smile) The holidays are over and Im now back at work *sigh* but I still found time to do a cover. This is a Uber cover for 'Undeniable' by KM. Also added another page graphic for Susanna's Xena & Gabrielle Page.

9th January 2001.... A Gabrielle wallpaper has just been added. Sauna. and a new fanfiction cover. This one is for a Uber tale set in the 18th Century England called 'The Caretakers Daughter' by GabGold.

7th January 2001.... Just a quick note to advise that I have just recently received an award (my first) and Im pretty chuffed about it. The award is from Micky (Michelle Galea) who wrote 'Open Arms'.....Micky also does fanfic covers & webgraphic's Mickyxena'sThank you Micky.

5th January 2001.... Well were into the new Millenium so I thought a small change to the site might be in order. Nothing to drastic (smile).
Okay now on to the stuff I know your interested in. Here is the first new cover for 2001 it is a XWP cover for 'Godly Games' by Murphy.

31st December....This is the last update for the year 2000 and what a great year it has been. Let's hope that 2001 will be just as rewarding.
Okay what have I got for you .....firstly I have had some requests for banners so that people can link to this site (smile), so I have thrown a few together and they can be accessed from the banner on the main page. Please feel free to use them.
I have also two new covers for you. The first is a Star Trek Voyager cover called 'Someone For Everyone'by Daydreams and the other is 'Open Arms' by Michelle Galea .

29th December....This is just to advise that the story 'At Michael's Feet' is no longer available on the web. This is only temporary (hopefully) and Doria will be letting me know when it becomes available again in the near future. The fanfiction cover will remain on site.(gallery 5)

24th December....Well it's Christmas Eve here in New Xenaland, time sure flies when your having fun (smile) and I wish you all in having a happy and safe holiday.
I have two new fanfic covers for you. The first is a Uber set in Australia called 'Adventures in the Dust Trade' by WolfDragon and the second is a Xena and Dr Who story called 'The Warrior and the TimeLord'by Shahn-Ryan Schumacher

18th December....I have added an new fanfiction cover for a story called 'An Answer' by Sarah Miller and I also have added my first wallpaper attempts. The first one is for the episode 'Coming Home' ,it does differ slightly to the montage that I did. The second is called Xena
I have done them as 800 x 600 only.

8th December.....I am a Babylon 5 nut and followed it religiously till the end ;o( I was thrilled when I was approached and asked if I would do a fanfic cover combining B5 with could I refuse (s) anyway I had a great deal of fun putting this together and decided on a 'Movie Poster' rather that the normal fanfic cover. This is for 'B5-The Xena Ryan Chronicles' by Daniel Wackerman.

Ive also made one or two changes to the site. Firstly, I had someone ask me if I ever did wallpapers of my fanfic covers, well the answer to that is no, mainly because I make them a certain size and it would be a huge job to alter them to 800 x 600.....and also I hadn't even thought of trying my hand at doing wallpapers, however I did take this on board and thought that maybe I could try it and see how it goes, therefore I've added the link to the frontpage. I hope to have the first wallpaper up very soon.

30th November.....A new fanfic cover for 'The Queen Series' . This is for the first story called 'To Become A Queen' by LJ Maas.

22rd November.....This is an Uber tale set in South Africa ;o). This cover is for for Anne Azel's "South Africa".

15th November.....A new fanfction cover just finished ;o) this is 'A Sacrifice for Friendship' by DS Bauden. I also I have added the new link to the story 'DC' by Lizzy Tendre.

6th November.....Here's another one (smile) this fanfiction cover, is for 'At Michael's Feet' by Doria. Enjoy.

4th November.....I have just added a disclaimer in the F/F Covers galleries. All these fanfiction covers are my own rendition's of the stories and are not associated with any original bookcover publications.

29th October.....I new fanfiction cover for an 'Uber' medical story called 'Second Chances by Lynne Norris

25th October.....I have just finished fixing my graphics page and making things abit neat and webgraphics have also been added.

24th October.....Two finished and uploaded this time ;o). Here is 'Dark Comes The Morning' by Melissa Good. and The Other Side Of Valor" by Shahn-Ryan Schumacher & Katherine S. Stearns.

19th October.....A Uber fanfiction cover for a change (s) as I have been doing a few XWP covers lately and another is almost completed, but for now here is Surfacing by Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza.

11th October.....Another XWP fanfic cover for you all....this one is 'Sensitive Chats' by Kamouraskan.

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