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Welcome to
the home of The Indigo Children


I haven't posted in a long time. Most of this has to do with me growing up and Samantha sabotaging this site. That said, I have something I want to say to everybody who comes to this site, however few people this may be. Being indigo isn't being concieted. We aren't smarter, more magical, or less emotional than other people. We're just weirder. If you want to read more about this or reply to this see my topic on the forums. I look forward to your feed back, even though I may not reply to it.

To anybody new to the site (I imagine it's most of you) I belive this site was the first to use the term indigo children, so the info should prove to be useful to you. The site has brought a great many people together, but it's also created a great number of missconceptions at the same time.

I would also like to point out that this site is almost three years old. It sure is intresting to see how this site evolved as I got older and wiser (not by much) and my ideas got better. I've been through a lot of changes since this site has first opened up and so have the other people involved. I would like to make a small to the people to took part in every part of this site for the 3rd birthday coming up an a few months. This may be too much ambition, but I'll try anyways.




Love goes out to kaylee from chat!




I urge you to goto our boards if you have any questions, it really isn't that much trouble to register and we would all love to hear from you. Besides, the new boards, really do make it easier for us to answer your questions!


[July 18, 02]


You can talk about, and to us now!

Thanks to a friend we now have a discussion forum for you! Please, if you want to help us out, contrribute to the boards, because keeping those up isn't free.


[July 05, 02]



Is this background "not gay" enough for you? I was trying to find a good [NOT GAY] [NOT SUCKY] background...


[March 17, 02]


Abs=funny, pooduk=funny, napoleon=funny. Gay=not funny, Gay= not funny, you=evil.

I love you peacefully,

"You better be careful if you don't know where you're going, or you might not get there!"-Yogi Berra
[Mar 15, 02]


Good news! Another member has joined our ranks! You can check out his page at the "Napoleon's Stuff" link provided! ^_^


[March 11, 02]

This is just a little update to let you all know that Cybele will no longer be on the page. I went ahead and deleted the linky for you Dipdac ^_^
I also did a bit of... um... "editing". Hope you don't mind.
*wicked grin*"



[March 10, 02]


New things coming to this site, very new things. Half of everything will change on this site, so stay tuned! It'll take a while, but I think you will like it. During my 30 minitues of solitude I found myself, solutions, and great ideas all in one.

I love you peacefully,

"You better be careful if you don't know where you're going, or you might not get there!"-Yogi Berra
[Mar 07, 02]

This is another update from Dipdac. I feel like my soul is burning. I'm losing the respect of many people as of late, and so I have decided to surround myself in some sort of solitude for a short period of time so I can maybe get my life back to something stable. Since I don't want anything to happen without my knowledge, production of this page will temporarilly stop. This is only temporary, and you can still view and comment on the page. Before I go I would also like to thank Raven for trying to bring me to my senses more tactfully than Zhah, but my I don't believe my emotions are something to come to a conclusion(a general one at that)from.

May love still govern your life,

"Every thing would be much easier for us all if you would all stop bickering and tried to calm down.
[Mar 06, 02]

Hiyas, Samantha/Raven here! God, it's been so long since I edited a webpage... forgive me if I just crushed the poor little thing by even attempting to comment! Anyways, what brings me here are a few recent events that I felt needed to be addressed.

First off I'd like to complement Dipdac himself for actually maintaining the care and feeding of this site for as long as he has. That's much more that I've ever done... after all, I've never had much patience for this type of thing. It's been a long time since I've even visited this site which I seem to still have a part of *glances over at "Raven's Stuff"* and it has changed a lot since I saw it last... most notably, the DELETION OF AN ENTIRE SECTION!!

:Dipdac:I hope you don't mind me editing this samantha but this is an update center not a forum, and this mssg isn't necissary anymore. Thanks!:Dipdac:

Well I'm here to tell you all out there that no matter who you are, no matter what your race, religion, age, or aura color; no person is better than any other...just different. We're all capable of things that others are not, each mundane little thing we do in our lives is remarkable in its own way. We, the living creatures of this earth, are a miracle in the fact that we exist at all. Ugn, I'm starting to ramble...sorry about that.

As for the people leaving dirty comments on the message board; why are you wasting your lives commenting on something you don't like when you could be off finding something that DOES please you? Next time you run across a site you think is ignorant or and idea you don't like, why not just shake you head to yourself and move along on your merry way? I'm sure we'd all be much happier for it.

Dipdac, as a final note I'd like to thank you for providing a place for people to come together with others like themselves. Whether the owner of an indigo aura or not, a lot of people on the message boards seem to truly connect with one another, and I think that's one of the most important things in life anyway. No one wants to feel alone.


P.S. Hope you'll still speak to me after this, Justin ^_~

The soul walks not upon a line,
neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself,
like a lotus of countless petals.
-Khalil Gibran

[March 05, 02]

Hey, it's another update from Dipdac just to say you guys can reach me at and also to say you can get more info on indigos from

peace and love,

"Sing a new song each day, you'll be much happier if you do!"
[Jan 8, 02]

Hey, Dipdac is Back and ready to continue work on the site. Yes, somebody gave me reason to go on, and now I'm stonger than ever before! Ahhh...It's been so long since I've known the feeling of working on something worthwhile. And as a favor for all of you that still believed I was more (and less) than average, I changed the colors (yay!) I am at a friend's house and my computer is not working, but I hope somebody else can take care of it temporarily.

peace and love,

"The illusion is gone,
my dreams manifest,
you'll always think,
I shouldn't have made it,
but it's too late,
the illusion is gone..."
[Dec 15, 01]

There once was a time when I thought I 
was mature. There once was a time I 
in wich I thought my poetry and 
artwork meant a diddly shit to people.
But it seems my maturity and ability to
express myself have been surpassed by the
masses, and as they diminished so did illusion
that I was Indigo. I thought I knew who I was,
but I guess I was wrong. Because of all this,
this will be the last update you'll see up here
until somebody gives me a reason to keep
updating. For all you people out there
who this site actually meant something to
(both of you) I'm sorry I let you down.


"The illusion is gone,
my dreams down the drain,
I'll always wonder 
what would've happen
but it's too late
the illusion is gone..."
[June 28, 01]

New easier on the eyes color scheme on
the "Main frame!"
I don't know why but it's just a little
Ohh yeah! The Yahoo! navbars are on
all on a page you can access through our
menu (I'm putting this site on as many
webrings as possible, so if I just put them 
up here they would clutter up what 
little organization I have and be hard to 
find in the process!)
"I don't agree with your opinion, but I'll fight to the death for your
right to have it!"
[March 2, 2001]

What does fun, twisted, maniacal, and
genius make when thrown together in
the same object?
well I'll tell you what it makes!
it makes kool!
"'There must be some kind of way outta here,' said the
joker to the thief"
-Bob dylan
[Mar 2, 2001]

Looky looky! I added some of my art!
Isn't it pretty?
"I'm not out to break the rules, I'm out
to change them (and scare the masses in the process!)"
[Mar 1, 2001]

Make it stop!!!! I feel like poopy-doo
and can't do anything about it! ahh
well...her we go:
I've fixed found and lost (for all you
guys who care in the least bit)
and think all people by the name of
Katherine Rita Lang need lessons on
becoming an insomniac, the true heroes
of the web!
See the question below? I guess the 
answer would me fairly warm, as I only
got a 7.3...All I expected was a 6!
[feb 17, 2001]

Dear Jeebus it's been a while since
I've even touched this site! But hey!
I'm back! I guess Jerry gave up (since
he hasn't e-mailed me about this again)
now there are pictures of me (woohoo!)
Am I hot or not?
In other news, I love Samantha!
[Feb. 13, 2001]

Hey! Guess what? My very great
friend Jerry Deason wants to 
join! And he hails all the way 
from Dallas Texas! And you know
what? I think that idea kicks ass
so he's going to!
[Jan. 16, 2001]

I've got two pickles, ohh I've
got two pickles, ohh I've got
two pickles today-ay-ay...
[Jan. 7, 2001]

Ok, nobody has to comment...
Ok school is back in and I'll have
homework and I won't be able to 
keep those odd hours anymore so
I won't be able to update the site
with all our new fresh innovative 
ideas (ok we haven't had any of 
those yet, but we're tryin'!)
[Jan. 7, 2001]

We're sick...every last one of us....
stuffy noses, headaches, irrate 
intistines, weak stomaches, sore 
throats, you name it, we got it, like 
just the other day, Raven was bleeding
No, not really, but we are all sick, even
the ones that don't do poopoo. I think me
being sick has to do with me staying up
for long periods of time working on this
web site. I lost track of all time! Ohh 
well, we'll try our best to tough it out...
New updates include:
"Shockwave" recieved a fate similar to
"download's" only it was replaced by 
TWO feilds instead of one(artwork 
and poetry)
Now people looking for just artwork
or just poetry can find it a lot easier.
[Dec. ??, 2000]

Ok, if you look to the bottom, you'll
see NameZero's nav bar...completely
disregard that...but if you look to your
left, you'll see my main menu, and if 
you look closer, you'll see that the
area titled "Downloads" has been 
replaced by "Ultima Online Stuff"
I did that because we didn't have any
downloads but the U.O. stuff was
obviously (from my point of veiw)
going to overun the "Just Fun stuff" 
area, and while U.O. is fun, it isn't 
THE subject of "Just fun stuff."
In short, I moved all  the U.O. stuff 
to where it's new home...
[Dec. 20, 2000]

Uhhh...if you're on our shortname 
site, sorry about that little extra
frame down there, those are our 
sponsers. If you don't like our 
sponsers you can just go to our 
 othersite I wont ask you any 
questions. If you really really 
don't like the frame you can just 
send me money and that'll get rid 
of the frame and the angelfire 
If you have a slow computer 
(like mine) it is recommended that you 
go to our other site. The page will
load faster and animations will run 
[dec.29, 2000]

I'm tired, I have a headache, and
I have to leave in 30 min, but I'm
updating the site anyways.
Why? Because I love you.
And Katherine is wearing a big
red sign that says, "Look at me!
I'm really really lazy!!"
[Dec. 28, 2000

Heh....sorry about the cheesy
"guestbook" but please leave 
your comments there until i learn
more about cgi and can make an
actual comments page...yes people,
believe it or not, Dipdac actually
comes up with (most of, for now)
his own material, and the stuff I
don't come up with I tell you about
right here....and that's why I 
shoulda been president..."I WANNA
RECOUNT! Why? Because it's
the American way!"
errr...hehe...ok anyways back to
the subject of this website...yeah
I'll get that commemts page fixed up
A.S.A.P.!(notice i said "asap" and not
simply "soon")
[Dec. 28, 2000]

Aaahhh!! I just learned the sad
truth...I suffer, from compulsive
updating...I just can't stop!
[Dec.27, 2000]

Gee...didn't take long at all  to 
get Cybele started...I'll bet she
never updates it...
[Dec.27, 2000]

Now that I'm done starting 
Raven's page (do you think she'll
ever update it?) it's time to work 
on Cybele's portion of this site
(gee.....we're growing faster than
I expected...seems as if it were
only yesterday when i put this up... WAS only yesterday...)
And I would like to thank 
WebMonkey for all the tutorials 
on Java-S...this site would be
so boring if it weren't for 
WebMonkey...God bless those 
glorious slackers!
[Dec. 27, 2000]

I just made my first interactive 
animation using javaScript! I'm so 
proud of myself! Checkit out!
(relieve stress the Dipdac way
in funstuff)
[Dec.27, 2000]

Raven has decided to join us, so 
expect to see a new link over there
on that main frame titled "Raven!"
I told ya we'd get more people!
[Dec. 27, 2000]

Hi, and welcome to the first
edition of our little web site!
So far it's only Kat and I (Dipdac)
but we'll grab some more peeps
in no time!
[Dec. 26, 2000]

Our banner (for all interested)