Trophy Man 

A fun, addictive puzzle platform adventure for all ages! Currently has 3 big levels that will surely challenge your brain.

Project Tank 

A cool shoot-em-up tank arcade game

BMX Stunt Cycling 

A very fun and addictive little game where you do tricks on a "BMX Bike" and score as many points as you can. Examples of some tricks are: Super Bike Wobble, Jumps and flips, and Inflating the front or rear wheels. There is even a secret stunt! You can choose the colour scheme on your bike, and at least 4 different tracks!! Riding bikes had never been this exciting before!!

Kick the Pig 

A fun little game where you click on a moving pig as many times as you can




AVIMGen is a creative program that you can make animations or movies in. You can import bmps as frames, save your movie to a .AVI file, open avi files to edit all their frames in an internal editor, or export them for use in a bitmap editor. Editing features support adding, duplicating and deleting frames whenever you want and testing your animation without compiling it. Use streaming capture to record the image on your screen at specified intervals, so you can make a movie of anything from you
playing a game to a tutorial on how to use a program, or anything you want, and much more with AVIMGen!


A program where two people can share files or formatted text documents between each other, and chat. This is a good program, with an easy to use script list where you can even delete your scripts to the recycle bin!

Web Editor  

The program we made to make our website. Easy to use and 95% graphical! Can handle manipulation of objects anywhere around the page, pixel-perfectly!

Layout A Four A printing program that allows you to perfectly align images and text anywhere on a page and print it out exactly scaled to the position on-screen to the mm!

CD Player 

A fun little cd player made by Ryan where you can play any of the tracks on a cd, and skip foward and back, eject and open your cd drive, and MUCH more, all with a nice interface.


Under Construction:

Turbo Tech II A 1/8th finished RTS game updated from the classic Turbo Tech game by Ryan O'Connor (If you want this then email: It will have AI and be quite fun. Sort of like Warcraft 2 or C&C:Red Alert. If you know a lot about Direct Draw 7, or are a good graphics drawer, then you are free to help with anything, just email me!